What Does It Take For Your Wedding Reception To Be Fun, Memorable & Unique?

A lot of couples make the mistake of focusing on the ceremony, rather than on the reception. Now, the ceremony is important, of course, it is, but it’s only a small part of the wedding itself, whereas the reception plays a much bigger part in the day because it goes on for far longer. Think of it this way; the ceremony tends to last for 40 minutes to an hour, while the reception lasts for at least six or seven hours, so it makes sense to put more time into that, rather than the ceremony. After all, the last thing you want is guests that are bored at your reception, right? With that in mind, here’s your guide to planning a wedding reception that’s fun, memorable, and wonderfully unique:

A theme for your wedding reception is a must

Having a theme is a real must because it helps you to plan a day that’s different to what other couples have done and has the wow factor to it. A traditional wedding is nice enough, but each wedding is always the same, which is why using a theme can work well. A theme can help set your big day apart from other weddings that your guests have attended. When it comes to choosing a theme for your big day, what it’s important to realise is that you have plenty of options. It can be a simple theme that you opt for, such as rustic chic or elegant vintage, or it could be a theme like travel or food. When it comes to selecting a theme, the sky’s the limit; it’s just a case of picking something that appeals to both you and your partner and will work well with the venue that you have selected. Perhaps there’s a theme that links to your relationship or how the two of you met? Or maybe you both share a similar dream – perhaps that could be your reception theme?

Focus on the experience of your guests

When it comes to your reception, it’s important to focus on the experience of your guests. Yes, it’s your big day, and it should be exactly how you want it to be, but it should also be a day that your guests will enjoy. You want to make sure that when it comes to the plans for your reception that you’ve thought about everything and have made sure that your guests won’t be bored and will have a good time.

Have a schedule in place

So that everyone knows what is happening and when it’s a good idea to put a schedule in place for your big day. This can either be printed on the back of your dinner menus, or you could opt to display it in some other way, such as on a signpost or in a large canvas hung up on the wall of the venue. This should include the time of the toasts, first dance, food, and any other important parts of the wedding.

Get creative with the entertainment

To give your reception a unique touch, it’s a good idea to get creative with the entertainment. Sure, music is a must – this can either be a DJ or a live band, depending on what you would prefer, but that’s not all your reception should have in terms of entertainment. There are so many other ways that you can keep your guests occupied throughout the day. One option could be to hire a photo booth so that everyone can take fun photos and get a little keepsake to take home. Or, another option could be to have old fashioned games around, from Jenga to checkers – you could opt to have giant versions of these made. What about having a cocktail bar where guests can make their own cocktails under the watchful eye of a trained cocktail maker? There are so many different entertainment options; it’s just a case of being willing to get creative, that’s all.

Personalise your reception

To add a little extra personality to your big day, consider finding little ways to personalise your venue. Think old black and white photos of you and your partner, or perhaps even of your guests, handmade bunting, family keepsakes – the more creative you can be, the more of a personal space you can make your reception. Just make sure that if you are personalizing your reception that you include everyone in it, else you could upset or offend some of your guests.

There you have it, everything that you need to know to ensure that your wedding reception is fun, memorable and wonderfully unique.

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