Wedding Hair?

As mentioned in an earlier post I am a member of the Rock n Roll Bride group on Facebook – a supportive community of brides from around the world.

One of the members, Tasha Howell, owner of Truffle & Podge, recently posted a beautiful hairpiece that she had made to the group. To her it was “imperfect” but too nice to throw away, in her generous heart she offered it up to a bride that would appreciate it.

Tessa chose me, and I was so thrilled.

The package arrived very quickly, and it was beautifully wrapped. The delicate piece was wrapped in tissue paper with a ribbon and in its own little box. We also received a card that was in a wax sealed envelope.

I loved this seal and since then Simon and I have bought a mini wax seal set from Paperchase. We are hoping to use this on our wedding invitations later this year.

I could not see the imperfection that Tessa saw – to me it is perfect!

Here was what I received;

This was exactly my style for the wedding.

Most wedding hairpieces are silver, covered in “bling”, seem to be made in China most of the time and yet still cost ££££s.

This was a one of a kind, locally handmade, gold piece with no crystals – finally!

I could not wait to get it home and try it out.

Here is how it looks in my straight hair;

I cannot thank Tessa enough for this generous gift.



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