Wedding Day Dreams

Dreaming of your wedding day is something you’re most likely going to have done since the moment you knew you were in love with your partner. For some girls, they’ll have dreamt of their wedding day from the moment they knew what one was, or from the moment they watched their first Disney fairytale wedding. But don’t let Disney fool you. Planning a wedding is definitely not going to be a smooth sailing ship, in fact, it’ll be one of the most annoying things that you’ve ever done. For one, you’ve got to plan who’s coming, what to wear… we won’t even try to make this list go on! We really don’t want to focus on the negatives, so we’re going to try and guide you towards your dream wedding day. If you’re not sure what that’s going to involve for you, have a read of the advice we have below, and see if you can make it work for you!

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Kids Or No Kids


So, as we’ve said, there’s absolutely loads of parts to planning a wedding, so we wanted to talk about something that a lot of people forget about until the last minute. Children at a wedding is a divided opinion. You’ve got the people who know for sure they absolutely don’t want children there, and then you’ve got the people who know for sure that they would like everyone to be included. What you have to remember is that it is your wedding day, and if you don’t want children there, that’s absolutely fine. It might knock the number of people who will attend down a bit, but at least you know your wedding day is perfect. If you are deciding to invite the children as well, find ways to keep them entertained. Hiring a wedding magician is one idea, or a children’s entertainer. You could have little activities going on throughout the evening outside to keep them happy, all you have to do is hire a company to do it for you. It might sound like an expense that you can’t afford, but in the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t going to be as expensive as you think!


Abroad Or Not Abroad


Now this one is definitely up for debate. The thought of having a fairytale wedding as the sunsets on the ocean is just magical, is it not?! But in reality, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Well, for a lot of people, yes it is! For the people who have actually taken the leap and moved their wedding abroad, it’s the best thing they’ve ever done. A lot of hotels offer a wedding package, catering for your guests and the ceremony which will come to a couple of thousand, rather than the extortionate price you’d have to pay if you did it in England. However, there is the downside that you’ll only be able to bring certain people with you, because only certain people will be able to afford it! So you need to make the decision of whether you would like it to be a small but magical wedding, or a big and expensive one, but you have all of your loved ones around you!


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