Turn Your Wedding Into A Carnival

Usually weddings are quite formal affairs, with a sit-down dinner, everyone dressed in their Sunday best, and people only let their hair down once the dancing starts. It’s a nice tradition, but if you and your partner aren’t usually formal people then you might consider mixing up the tone of your wedding. Make it fun, casual, and more entertaining for the kids in your guest lists. A carnival theme might be perfect for your wedding, not only because it’s fun, but it solves many food issues and will keep everyone laughing and celebrating with you. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

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Rides for hire

Think you can’t have a carnival without one or two rides? Then look around for companies that rent out carnival rides for a day. All you need is a large empty field as your venue, then shop around for the rides that you always seek out when you visit the carnival; the dodgems, a traditional carousel, teacups, or even a Ferris Wheel would make outstanding entertainment for your guests and their children. Not to mention all the photo opportunities for your wedding party on the carousel or the Ferris Wheel. Some companies even hire out game stalls like darts, hook-a-duck, or basketball, so you can send some lucky guests home with a prize after your big day.

Food trucks

Not only do food trucks fit in with your carnival theme, but it does make it easier to cater for everyone’s individual dietary requirements. You could hire one vegetarian truck, one hot dog and burger truck, or just a big pizza truck to keep everyone happy. Finally, what carnival is complete without a healthy supply of sugar; look online for a Party photobooth, Candy floss and popcorn machine hire to get the best deal on some traditional carnival sweets, and have a photobooth so everyone can have a casual picture taken. After all, who knows when all your university friends will see each other again, so they might as well have casual pictures to remember the day.

Wooden Horse Vintage Merry Go Round Retro Carousel

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No wedding is complete without dancing, so set out a space under a marquee for a DJ or band to set up. Unfortunately, you might have set yourself up for failure because everyone is now distracted by the carnival rides. To add a little encouragement, request songs that match the personalities of specific guests. For example, if you and your college friends had a special song that always got you dancing, have the DJ play that song and request that they all dance with you. Special dances don’t just have to be reserved for your partner or parents.


One of the best things about having a wedding carnival is that you won’t have to spend as much money on decorations. All you need is some bunting, and you can make some cardboard signs directing people to the rides, food trucks, or marquees so they can sit with their food or join in the dancing.

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