Tips On Being The Helpful Bridesmaid

Being chosen as a bridesmaid is a great honor in life. It means that someone in your life values you enough to think of you as someone who they can’t do without on their special day. With this great gift also comes a great burden. You will be part of the inner circle for your friend or family member, therefore the pressure is on you to take the pressure of them. This in turn means accepting a lot of responsibility, being on your toes to adapt to any situation and always being there for moral and emotional support. It isn’t just about dressing up nice and standing beside the bride when she takes her vows. It’s also about being one of the people she can rely on to fix something that is going wrong during the day of the wedding. You should focus on being the helpful bridesmaid if you really want to stand out for her.


Know the venue


There is so much to do before and during a wedding that you can expect not everything to be done. Therefore you need to know two of the most basic things about the wedding like the back of your hand. The venue must be studied carefully so you can inform guests on where the toilets are, where their coats and gifts will be stored safely and what rooms are available throughout the day. There may be hundreds of guests coming to the wedding and they will need to take care of their children and themselves. So, showing families where they can change their baby’s diapers or where they can seek medical attention is vital.

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Know the menu


As everyone will literally have their own tastes, not everyone can be catered for. However, you can be the one person that stops a guest from having an allergic reaction and needing urgent medical treatment. Read through the entire menu and know what ingredients have gone into each dish. If someone does ask you to clarify what is in something then you need to be able to remember most if not all the ingredients. Nut allergies are the most common, so you may want to pay close attention to this kind of hazard especially.

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Know the backstory


You’ll be meeting almost as many guests as the bride will during the day. Seeing as you’re one of the bridesmaids you need to know the backstory to how the couple met. A guest might ask you how you know the happy couple and if you could inform them of how they met. Did they meet at work? Did they get introduced by someone? Did they meet on an online matchmaking website that is specific such as a website that is comprised of Muslim Dating it doesn’t matter, you need to know the backstory to how they met in case someone asks you to explain their love story to them.


Being a bridesmaid, you will be counted on to be helpful to the bride and just generally make her life easier on her wedding day. You’ve been chosen as part of a select few, so make the effort and learn the venue, menu and their love story.


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