Tips For Your Guests on Your Wedding Day

A wedding is, in the first place, about making a commitment between you and your partner. A memory to last a lifetime. It is also a moment to celebrate this with your family and closest friends. They would have taken time out of their lives, usually at considerable costs themselves, to spend this day with you. It is not only fair that you ensure the food and drinks are top notch to show your appreciation. And, although good food and drinks go a long way, good food and drinks don’t make a memorable evening for your guests. Here are some top entertainment ideas for a wedding.


Do something special with the food. Have you considered assigning table chefs? Great for food that requires carving and serving, you can designate one guest per table to serve up the meal. Not only is this a great icebreaker, but it also works quite well on serving up food. You can have the catering set up a carving station and provide a chefs hat and apron to the chosen guest.

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If table chefs is too DIY for you, maybe a nice middle ground with waffle, burrito or burger bars? A great way to get people moving around with some purpose and, as long as queues are dealt with, a great way to get people exactly what they want. Or go more cozy with s’mores around a fire, a great way to stimulate some conversation amongst your guests. Buffets are great in general in getting people off their seats and mingle. Theming your buffet style food just elevates it from the mundane to something special.


As we were on the topic of bars, what about (alcoholic) drinks? Instead of your bog standard all drinks bar, what about having very specific bars available? Think a gin bar, a whiskey bar, a Prosecco bar? It’s great to gather people based on their love for alcohol and get them talking. It’s almost a sure shot way to get the party started. As we are on the topic, what about getting some cocktail experts in? Think Tom Cruise from the film classic, and you get the idea.


And obviously, it doesn’t always need to be alcohol. You can have a cigar bar, a sweets bar or even a cheese bar. Themed bars, with an appropriate selection, will ensure people remember your wedding!


And maybe you can veer off the standard wedding band/DJ setup for the live entertainment. Consider singer waiters, magicians, a comedian, opera singers, or drummers for your wedding. Granted they are any good, it will make a lasting impression on your guests.


And if those examples are not bringing the wow-factor for you, how about a flash mob or complete circus style attractions? If your wedding is not memorable with an elephant showing up, well, nothing will do then.


And perhaps passive listening or viewing is not what you want for your guests. An interactive game might just get the energy going. Consider table trivia, a photo booth, an award ceremony, casino tables or a Mr and Mrs quiz to get your guests engaged and active. Other options are to get everyone line dancing or, more traditional, maypole dancing.


You could also just go a little bit further and ask your guests to stick to a theme when picking their outfits. That definitely is a nice break from the standard suit and cocktail dress. Or consider having pets at the wedding, such as dogs. Nothing brings down the barriers quicker than our four-legged friends.


Also, consider the children when thinking entertainment. Nothing is worse for a guest to have to make sure your kids are not running amok while you want to enjoy the occasion. The best medicine is to provide some focused entertainment for the kids. Think bounce castle, kids corner, face paint, and balloon artists. Not only will you be able to contain the little ones, but the moms and dads amongst your guests will also be ever grateful.


And instead of getting a photographer, why not give every guest a disposable camera, which you collect afterward? It’s great to get your guests’ perspective, but they will be curious about how their photos would have come out.


So, there you have it. A bunch of ideas about how to make your perfect day, a day to remember for your guests as well. Get creative and put some effort into thinking about the needs and wants of your guests, they will repay you by making your special day infinitely more awesome.


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