Things You Can’t Forget To Book For Your Wedding

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Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, second only to the birth of your children. However, just because the day itself is breathtaking and exciting, that doesn’t mean the planning process is. In fact, the prospect of actually having to plan and book everything involved in a wedding is enough to put a lot of people off having a big ceremony. There are loads of little things that you can do to make your wedding especially memorable, but first you’ve got to sort the essentials. Here are some things that you absolutely can’t forget to book for your wedding day.


The Venues

If you’re getting married, you are going to need a venue to get married. Depending on the sort of venue you were thinking of, you may need to book several months, or even a year or two, in advance, so you should start brainstorming wedding and reception venues pretty early. Even if you wanted to get married outside, such as on the beach or in a park, you will still need to apply for permits, which could take some time to get approved.



An officiant is the person who will lead and conduct your wedding ceremony. They will need to be legally allowed to conduct wedding ceremonies. If you are planning to have a religious wedding, you will also need someone that is qualified in the eyes of the organisation of the religion that you belong to. You need to book an officiant, or your wedding won’t be legally binding.



Many people don’t view photographers and videographers as a necessity for their wedding day, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if you don’t wish to book a professional photographer, such as Lovepear Wedding Photographers, you will still want to have pictures taken of your wedding day by someone, such as a friend, or a family member, so be sure you find someone pretty early on in planning.



If your venue doesn’t provide food, you will need to find yourself a wedding caterer. Buffet food is always cheaper than a sit-down meal and allows guests to easier interact with one another, but if you wish to have a sit-down meal, then you should probably try a few samples before booking anything, to make sure that the food is to your liking.



Often how you’re getting to and from venues slips through the cracks in the wedding planning process, so be sure you don’t forget it. You can usually get better deals (not to mention better transport) the earlier you book, so think of the type of transport you want and start shopping around as soon as possible. Make sure you think of the weather when you look for transport. Sure, it’s great that you can get such a good deal on horse-drawn carriages in April, but what if it rains?


Hopefully, this will avoid you from forgetting anything major while you’re planning and booking your wedding, and ensure your day goes without a hitch.

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