The UK’s Most Impressive Wedding Venues

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Even though more and more people are looking abroad when it comes to finding their dream wedding location, I’d recommend that you take a look at the UK’s best destinations and see what is on offer closer to home. Sure, there are some truly spectacular wedding spots abroad in places like Italy and Dubai, but you will find that our own country has some equally special spots. What’s more, it will be a whole lot cheaper for you as well, as you won’t have to arrange expensive flights. Plus, I’m sure your guests will feel happier about not having to endure a long-haul flight to get to a far-off tropical island!


So, if you are in the midst of planning a wedding, you might want to read on. Here are the UK’s most impressive wedding locations.




Even though most people think about beautiful countryside weddings as being the ideal way to tie the knot, there are now more and more couples looking to arrange an inner-city wedding. That’s because it can feel very stylish and contemporary, especially when you choose to go for one of Manchester’s King Street Townhouse Weddings or one of the city’s other equally stunning buildings. Not only that, though, but thanks to Manchester’s brilliant public transport links, your guests shouldn’t find it too difficult to get there.


North Yorkshire


If you are determined to have a pretty rural wedding, though, there is no better county to aim for than North Yorkshire. If you want to get married in a gorgeous stately home, then look no further than Castle Howard. Thanks to the county’s amazing shoreline, you will also find lots of pretty seaside town to carry out your nuptials in as well, including scenic Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay.




Do you want to get married somewhere that hardly anyone else will have got married before? If so, then head to the UK’s capital city – London! You could tie the knot in the brutalist Barbican, for instance. Don’t worry, though, it won’t look so brutal once you are inside surrounded by its sumptuous interiors! Another great venue in London is the Royal Society of Arts, which will make for a very fancy day indeed.




Do you want to have a beach holiday but can’t afford to jet off to warmer climes? There is one great way around this – just head down south to Cornwall! The Cornish coast features some really cool beaches where many professionals surfers head to test out the waves. The beaches are also very well maintained as well, so I’m sure you won’t have to worry about any stray seaweed in between everyone’s toes!




If you want to get married in an impressively old building, take a look at some of the university buildings at Cambridge University. Some date back to the medieval times and welcome weddings during the holidays when all the students have gone home.


So, where in the UK do you think you will go for your wedding?


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