The Tough Task Of Entertaining Wedding Guests

The first half of your wedding day is going to be a bit serious. You’re going to wake up very early in the morning and start getting dressed. After you are almost ready, the thought of walking down the aisle is going to give your butterflies. When it’s time to go you’ll be accompanied by your close friends and then it will begin to get real. After taking your vows and committing to the person you love, you’ll be whisked away to be by yourselves. All of your guests, however, will be travelling to the party. When they arrive they will be wanting to meet and greet each other. They’ll talk with each other and await your arrival where you’ll have your first dance. Then the food will be served and from then on the night will carry on late into the early morning hours. Hang on a minute, what happens after everyone has eaten do they just sit there? This is when the entertainment should take over and make your night truly memorable. But this task isn’t so easily managed so you need some great ideas. Check these ideas out for entertaining wedding guests.

Somebody order fresh food?

Rather than have meals simply brought out to awaiting guests at their tables, you could go one step further. Maybe, in fact, you could go several steps further and actually have chefs that cook guests their meals at the table. Obviously, this can’t be for the main course but it can be for the desert or for the starter, a chef can cook soups and mini finger food at the table using their own small cooking station. For example, if you want to serve fish as a light starter then this is a viable choice because fish really only takes a few minutes to cook. Perhaps if you’re serving a mixed salad, this is also something that can be chopped and tossed at everyone’s tables. You can have a couple or more chefs at each table doing this and taking orders directly from the guests themselves. This adds a little spice to the party and also allows people to appreciate the skills of the chefs you have hired.

Something that’s live

Live entertainment always goes down well at weddings. It’s far better than not providing something that guests can watch or participate in that doesn’t have to involve relying on each other. Everyone kind of looks around and shrugs as there’s no direction if this is the case. You might, therefore, be wondering how much does it cost to hire a wedding band? Well,  if you go to a specialist company that has all the options in the world, then not a whole lot. The various bands they have range from classical music, pop rock, metal, jazz, house, hip hop and many more genres. Depending on your taste you can choose different bands to play one after the other if you want. It keeps the music free flowing and offers something for everyone.

If you’ve been to a few weddings you get the gist of the standard entertainment that is provided. You can mix it up with something like chefs that cook live at the table for guests.

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