The Five Approaches To Wedding Photography

Every wedding is stunningly beautiful and the memories of that day will stay with you forever. Even so, you want each moment to be recorded so you can share those precious minutes with loved ones and friends. Pictures of your wedding are incredibly important. We place them in albums, in frames, or on the wall as large prints. Just as every wedding is unique, so is each wedding photograph. Here are just five of the approaches to wedding photography you might choose from:


Documentary Style

These photos will appear less staged and more natural. They might depict the moment in natural light rather than being set up and posed. You might not even see your wedding photographer on the day. They will be in the background, clicking away, and capturing those precious moments that you might never have noticed. A glance here, a smile there, and every interaction you hope you’ll get to see. The beauty within them is real, raw, and captured forever.

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Story Telling

Weddings often follow a particular order of events. They are well-organised and efficient. This is ideal for setting up each of the typical shots you’re looking for such as kissing at the altar, walking down the aisle, and cutting the cake. For photographers like Vittore Buzzi, the art in the image is in the story told. The look in the eyes and the interaction between each person in the frame tells what is happening and how everybody is feeling. This adds enormous value to the image as well as a fun narrative of the day.

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Magazine Covers

Highly stylised, posed shots are high-art and incredibly glamorous. This is the most beautiful day of your life, so it makes sense to choose the most beautiful images. Typically these photos are captured in a studio or staging area. The lighting is controlled, and the people in the picture have been carefully posed. Every detail in the frame is selected to create an incredibly beautiful image. These take time, and fewer may be available than with other approaches. The images are often enhanced digitally before being released as prints.

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Many couples love the idea of a timeline for their wedding photos. It might start with the proposal and engagement party. Then the photographer will continue to follow the couple through their wedding planning and shopping. There will be photos of the wedding party getting ready, the ceremony, reception, and even the honeymoon. It might include a couple portrait session in a studio, but timeline albums have much more of a natural feel. Indeed, they are often produced by friends and family of the couple and collated after the honeymoon in an album.

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Disposable Cameras

The old-fashioned approach of leaving disposable cameras for the guests to use is still popular. The contemporary equivalent would be an Instagram account for everyone to upload to and tag. Obviously, a wide range of images could be collated, and the quality of photography isn’t guaranteed. But you’ll love seeing what every guest at your wedding saw. Enjoy.

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