The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Wedding If You Have Psoriasis

The day you’ve been waiting for nearly your whole life (at least, that’s how it feels) is finally here! There’s one thing however which is making you think you might not enjoy it as much as you thought you would. Psoriasis is something that affects seven and a half million people in the US alone. That’s a lot of individuals who have had to get married with it! It is not something you want to see when you look back at pictures of your big day. So here are some ways that you can still enjoy your wedding, and not worry about psoriasis.

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1) One of the easiest ways you can avoid it if you have a severe case if to go for a wedding dress that hides it. Lots of people get it mainly on their legs so it would be pretty easy just to have a long dress that hides it. If you have it elsewhere, there are all sorts of things you can do! If you have it on your arms, wear gloves!


2) However, if you don’t want to hide it and you want to keep it down to the bare minimum, you will have to have a bit of a lifestyle change for a few months up to the wedding. Maybe do some research into foods to avoid, make sure you’re doing lots of exercises to keep your blood flow very high, drink loads of water to replenish dry skin. Just generally look after yourself to an extreme level for a few months in the lead up to the wedding.


3) If it is the pictures you are worried about, and you want to get a great wedding album, have a chat with your photographer about it! They will be accommodating and might even have a few airbrushing tricks up his sleeve!


4) There is also some great makeup out there which could help you massively! Go for a foundation that has dermatological properties and won’t anger your psoriasis. You will need something massively high coverage but it cannot be drying at all, or it will show it up more than if you wore nothing. If you are doing your own makeup, do a lot of research into it! If you have someone doing it for you, make sure to mention that this is something you are nervous about and need their help with!


5) This is something you will not want to be thinking about on your day; you will want to feel attractive and desirable to the person you are about to marry. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you’re doing what you can to keep it down but also just come to terms with it. Psoriasis, unfortunately, has no medicine cure (there are preventative injections you can do. However they are not a long term fix, you just have to cover it up. Remember your other half still loves you and still wants to marry you! Don’t let it ruin your big day!

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