Stop Worrying About Money And Enjoy The Wedding!

Weddings are expensive. We all know that unless you’re deliberately going for something small, you’re going to have big costs. So, ignoring those costs isn’t the way to stop worrying about the money situation of it. Rather, acknowledging it and putting some backup plans in action are going to help you avoid the extra costs, deal with those extra costs, and maybe even help recoup some of the money spent on the big day.

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Budget, budget, budget

This is where you absolutely must begin. You might start by thinking only about the most important costs of the wedding. The venue, the car hire, the dress, the rings. But if you don’t go into detail, exploring every kind of vendor you might need and the unexpected costs of a wedding, you’re going to get caught off guard. They might seem like small expenses in comparison to the most important ones, but they can all add up a lot quicker than you might anticipate.

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Always have your back-ups

It can be even more expensive when you have one certain kind of vendor booked and as the wedding’s coming up, they’re suddenly unavailable. It can be hugely stressful and costly to try and find a vendor to replace them on such short notice. To avoid getting caught off guard, find your decently priced backup vendors well in advance and keep an eye on their availability.

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Be ready to dig into the piggy bank

You should always have some sort of backup available regarding your finances as well. Those unexpected costs will happen. Not just those you could budget for but those that truly come out of left field. Even if the wedding has already got you using your credit extensively, you can get guarantor loans with the help of family. You should always consider putting aside an emergency portion of your budget, as well, so you don’t have to dig into loans too quickly.

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Ask for money

This might be an awkward concept for some to grapple with at first, which is why we’re going to look at it bluntly and plainly. There are polite and respectful ways to ask for money as a wedding gift. For many, they will be glad to know they’re contributing directly to an easier married life. It can make it a lot easier to pay off any loans taken or any difficulty faced because of wedding costs.

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Prepare for the future together

If you’re talking together as a couple about ways to deal with wedding costs, it’s the perfect opportunity to start talking about married life finances, as well. Different strategies, money habits learned from families, what your financial goals are. The sooner you get these into alignment (that means listening and compromising, not prioritising one set of thoughts over the other) the sooner you’re both contributing to your joint financial health.

So, unless you have a small wedding, there are costs on top of costs to be concerned about, especially where the unexpected comes in. So long as you budget, expect the unexpected, and have plans to deal with them, however, they needn’t spoil the most important day of your life.

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