Stepping Out Of Tradition On Your Wedding Day: Ideas You’ll Wish You Thought Of Sooner

Every bride wants their special day to make them feel like a princess, and for their day to be like no other wedding that their guests have been to before. While there are some incredible alternative ideas for your wedding that will wow your guests, some brides opt to make their wedding unique by avoiding the ‘traditional’ wedding routines. If you’re the type of bride that likes the idea of keeping their guests on their toes, then take a look at these incredible ideas that will have you stepping out of tradition on your wedding day that you’ll wish you’d have thought of sooner!

Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash

Have a close friend or family member marry you

One of the most traditional ways of getting married is finding a priest and a church that you both like and arranging it with them. Rather than using a priest, consider having a close friend or family member ordained so that they can marry you. This way, your ceremony has the opportunity to be more personal, by adding a bit of comedy or even a non traditional speech from the person that’s marrying you.


Another great idea would be to consider getting married somewhere other than a church. Obviously, if you’re religious and would like to get married in a church then that’s fine, but there are tons of amazing alternative places to get married that you should consider. Many couples are choosing to get married at the same place they are hosting their venue for convenience and price! More often than not, hotels offer this kind of service, so take a look at packages for hotels so that your guests can book a room and stay with you even longer!

Consider a non traditional dress

While many brides love the idea of wearing a white/ivory dress down the aisle, it’s not for everyone. If you’re really looking to make a statement and step out of tradition, why not choose a coloured dress for yourself and have your bridesmaids wearing white or ivory? Another fantastic idea would be to get yourself matching jewelry or accessories from Glitzy secrets so that all of your outfits tie together nicely.


You could also consider having a non traditional bouquet too. So, rather than a bouquet of flowers, you could create a bouquet of pictures of you and your husband to be. Little touches like this will make your wedding super unique and away from normal tradition.

Change up who makes speeches

Finally, in a traditional wedding, the groom, his groomsmen, and the father of the bride make speeches to the rest of your guests. These are usually anecdotes of the bride and groom, and more often than not they have comedy in them. Why not have your bridesmaids and the mother of the groom make a speech too so that you’ve got even more stories for people to enjoy and you’re stepping away from tradition?


Regardless of what you choose for your wedding day, remember that your wedding will be unique because you’re marrying your soul mate!

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