Spice Up Your Wedding Day With These Unique Ideas

When people think of a wedding, they usually think of the same sort of scenario each time. It’s all too easy for weddings to blend into one and be similar. Wouldn’t you like yours to stand out from the rest of them? Here are some ideas that will help you to spice up your wedding day:


Choreograph A Fun Dance Routine

You may have seen these kinds of dance routines on Youtube, so they’re not exactly a new idea. However, the way you choreograph yours can be completely new and unique. You could have a serious dance with some fun or comedic bits thrown in. You could make one half serious and the last half totally surprising and outrageous. If you need idea you can look online, but make sure yours is unique and individual to you.


Surprise Your Other Half

Why not take this as an opportunity to surprise your other half? How great would it be to see the look of surprise on their face when they realize you’re doing something unexpected? You could learn to play an instrument, take singing lessons and dedicate a song to them, or even choreograph a dance all of your own!



Go For A Totally Unique Venue

Why get married in a church or a similar venue that just has nothing unique about it? There  are so many completely unique venues you can get married in that will make your day special. The Tipi Company has tipis that can be hired for such occasions, but you can also rent out gazebos and other unique venues depending on what you want. Bear in mind that with many options available today, it’s totally possible to have more of an outdoorsy wedding in any season.


Rent Cool Mass Transportation

If you’re going to rent out transportation for your guests to arrive at your venue, why not make it seriously cool? You could treat your guests to a hot air balloon ride so that they arrive in style, or even consider renting out yellow school buses for something a little different!


Create A More Memorable Guest Book

You don’t have to have the same sort of guest book as everybody else. You could have a jigsaw puzzle with your picture on it and ask your guests to sign each piece. You could create a Guest book quilt, giving each guest squares of fabric to sign that you later put together! You could even have an electronic guestbook if you want to make sure your special messages last forever.



Have A Video Confessional Booth

The photo booth trend is hot at weddings right now, bit why not go for a video confessional wedding booth instead? Your messages from guests could be included in your wedding video for you, and you might get some comedy gold!


Have Unexpected Wedding Music

Why not introduce some unexpected wedding music to your day? You could hire a Barbershop quartet, or even a band playing the bongos to start the day off.


Do you like these ideas? Leave your thoughts below!

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