Personalised Touches To Your Wedding To Make It More Meaningful

Every woman (and some men) have their dream wedding in mind from a very young age, but did you know that you can make your big day even more special by adding personalised touches? In this article will be a few examples of things that you can personalise to make your wedding more meaningful to you and your guests.


  1. Wedding shoes
    Even if you’re going to be wearing a dress that covers your shoes, did you know that you can get shoes that will imprint words of your choice into the ground as you walk? If you’re getting married on the beach, getting yourself some shoes that leave behind something quaint like “Just Married” or “Mrs Jones”. It will create a much more personal effect at your wedding and the shoes will be something that you can treasure forever. Imagine the wedding pictures too!
  2. Rings
    Did you know that you can personalise your wedding rings? If you’ve just got engaged and you’re yet to choose your rings, why not go for diamond engagement rings that you and your partner can personalise? This way, your rings will be unique to the both of you, and no one around will have the same ring as you do. They will be something you can both wear with pride for the rest of your lives knowing that they mean that little bit more than a regular engagement ring. You could do the same for your wedding bands too and keep the personalised ring theme going.


  1. Songs
    Everyone chooses a song for their first dance that means something to you as a couple. If you’re musically minded, or know someone who is, why not sit down with your partner and write a song for the first dance? Ask a friend or local band to record it for you and you could play it at your wedding, and have it for keepsake for the rest of your lives.
  2. Wedding favours
    Personalising your wedding favours will give your guests something to take away and treasure in memory of your big day. Why not go for something quaint like shot glasses, and the women could have Mrs and the men could have Mr printed on their glasses. It will make your day much more personal and it’s fairly inexpensive to do too.
  3. Undergarments
    Okay, so it’s unlikely that your guests will know about this one, but getting your surname to be printed on some knickers for yourself, and some socks for the hubby would be a lovely touch that you two can giggle about on the day. You could do the same sort of thing for your hen night and stag do too, but this time it’s a secret between you and your partner.

There we have it, five different ideas on how to make your wedding that little bit more personal for you and your partner. Remember it’s only one day, so go big and have no regrets!

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