Modern Or Vintage – What’s Your Theme?

Planning a wedding gives so many options, do you prefer modern or traditional? We have just celebrated the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and were mesmerized by the modern take, but still retaining many of the Royal wedding traditions. After much speculation on what Meghan would wear, the simple but stunning gown really fitted the occasion.

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Deciding on a theme is often the first choice that couples are faced with when planning a wedding. All things vintage are very popular at the moment, as the nations love of the Downton Abbey series clearly shows. The Victorian era conjures up images of elegance and romance, which is an obvious choice for a wedding. Engagement rings and wedding rings can be chosen to reflect a bygone era, will assist you in your research for the perfect ring.


Here are some ideas for incorporating Victoriana elements into your wedding theme.



Your choice of location will be crucial to the overall feel of your wedding. Good locations for a Victorian themed wedding include mansion houses, stately homes or hotel. Whichever you choose ensure there is ample outdoor space for photos. Rose gardens, sculptures and fountains, would make amazing backdrops.


The inside of your venue could be any large room, a ballroom would be ideal. You can add your own individual touches to add to the Victorian theme.


Another cheaper and possibly more intimate option would be to have a garden party at home. Lots of china and an abundance of roses would set the scene for tea on the lawn.



The Victorians placed a great deal of importance on the invitations to their wedding. Invitations were lavish and romantic, adorned with bows, lace and flowers. The invitations were printed (or written) on high quality white or cream paper. Often poetry featured on the invites. You could write your own poem along the lines of a Victorian theme, this would truly add to the romance of the occasion.


If you are getting your invitations designed to order, ensure that you use a font or typography typical to the Victorian era. Often the first letter of the invite would be intricately ornate.


Your dress

Now for the most important aspect to any woman’s wedding – the dress! Your choice of dress is crucial to how a bride feels on their special day and it needs to be absolutely right. The Victorian themed wedding gives many options ranging from the earlier styles that really celebrated the human form by the incorporation of corsets and full skits, to the more demure dresses later in the era which focused on mutton sleeves and a more conservative neckline.


Whichever style you choose, you won’t need to worry about the colour as a Victorian wedding dress was always white!.


A veil was also traditional, following the lead of Queen Victoria when she married Albert. One thing a wedding dress in the Victorian era wasn’t, is subtle! The dresses were lavishly adorned with lace, bows and flowers and were often made in silk. You could opt to source an original Victorian wedding dress or buy one with Victorian elements, as long as you feel amazing, the dress will be the right choice.


Have a wonderful wedding day!


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