Live Band vs DJ? What’s Best For Your Wedding Party?

Wedding music is what ramps up the emotions during the ceremony and what turns a lovely day into something unforgettable. You may have opted for a traditional church wedding with an organist or a minimalist wedding with a guitarist. That’s fine for the ceremony but what about the party? This is the point in the day when everyone just wants to let their hair down and have a good time and music is an integral part of that. You basically have two choices. A live band or recorded music played by a DJ. Here are a few pointers to help you decide.

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Booking a DJ for your wedding party

Working as a DJ at a wedding is not easy because you have to appeal to such a wide age-range of guests. You need to choose a DJ that you like and who you think will appeal to your friends without offending your grandmother!  Yes, they need to be able to mix, sample, and beat-juggle flawlessly but they also need to appreciate other musical genres that will appeal to older generations.

What often happens in parties is the older relatives retire to somewhere quiet in the corner of the venue and look glum whilst the younger generation strut their stuff on the dance floor. The problem is that once the DJ has amped up the volume it can be practically impossible to have a conversation. If this is the only family get together for many years it’s a shame that people cannot talk to each other. Therefore, silent disco hire is something that you should consider. This clever approach supplies headphones to anyone who wants to participate in the musical entertainment and it is only them that hears the music. You can even have a choice of three different transmitters so your great uncle can bop away to country music right next to you as you rave to the latest tunes. The video footage could be amazing!

A DJ does not take up much space and could be the best option for a budget wedding in a small venue.

Live music at your wedding party

There is something very special about a live band at a wedding party. The musicians use the music to interact with the guests and give the party an organic feel that a DJ cannot provide. It is also easier for the lead singer to act as a master of ceremonies because he or she is chatting to the audience anyway. Most bands will have several hundred songs in their repertoire and you can discuss what you would like beforehand. They can deliver a mixture of up tempo or wind down tunes to suit the mood.

If your party is taking place in a small venue, this could be an issue if you want a 12-piece band but duos can fit in anywhere.

The most important thing is that you meet up with whoever is providing the music for your special day to make sure that they are very clear about what you want.


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