Little Things That Make A Difference At Your Wedding

If you’re looking to really make a statement at your wedding, you should not only be thinking about the big things. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all of the difference to how your day feels. Whether you’re planning on going for a massive expensive wedding, or a small quaint one, here are some ideas that you could take on board for your wedding day.

Wedding favours

A tradition that is as old as time is giving wedding favours to your guests as a sign of appreciation for them attending your wedding. In this day and age, you can expect to receive chocolates from the bride and groom. Wedding favours are usually placed at the table where each person is going to sit. Each person gets one, and the people that have contributed the most to the wedding (bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents of the bride and groom) tend to get a slightly more expensive gift.

Think about splashing out a little extra on your wedding favours. As mentioned, giving out chocolates are a popular choice, but giving your guests something a little more interesting or personalised will really show them how grateful you are for them attending your wedding. You can buy favours that are designed for women and men, which will really help give the feeling that you’ve thought about your favours.


Wedding invites

Adding a personal touch to your wedding invites will also make the world of difference to how your guests feel about attending your special day. If you have a particular theme planned for your wedding, matching your invites to show your guests a preview of what to expect is a wonderful idea. There are so many different styles to choose from these days, that you can really make an impact just with your invitation.


Another fabulous idea is to either handwrite your invitations yourself, (this will make it super personal, especially if your guests are familiar with your handwriting) or you could hire a calligrapher to write your invites for you. If this is the option you’re choosing to go for, be sure to pre-write some personal messages to your guests, as this will go a long way.


Reception entrance

Going big for your reception entrance will change the way the whole evening feels. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go for a big ice fountain that shoots out prosecco, (although, how cool does that sound?) try and get creative with your entrance area and have decorations that no one will expect to see. For example, funky canvases of you and your partner before the wedding.


Another thing to think about is how you and your new better half are going to enter your reception area. Will you walk in on a special song of yours? Or do you like the idea of adding a little bit of comedy to the day by walking in on a song that’s totally out there? You might even choose to create a spectacular entrance as a newly married couple. There are so many different ways of making a statement through your reception entrance, so get your thinking caps on!


Your guest book

A guest book is a scrapbook that is placed somewhere in your reception area, and your guests can come and sign it to wish you good luck, thank you for the day, or even give quirky tips to the bride and the groom. Think about changing it up from a regular scrapbook. For example, getting a large white canvas (or multiple small ones) and providing some marker pens for your guests to sign the canvas would be an unusual, yet interesting way of providing them with somewhere to sign.


An idea that may spark a lot of attention would be to provide a camera with your guest book, so that when it comes to you and your partner looking through the book, you can see self-taken pictures of your guests as they were writing it.


Your first dance

Planning your first dance as a married couple might not be something you were thinking about. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a traditional foxtrot dance either, where you’re expected to take lessons before your big day. Going for something a little different will totally change the atmosphere of your wedding day.


Choose a song that you both love to dance to. That could be a slow song, or even a fast song. Whichever you decide to go for, why not start off your first dance the way people would expect you to by slowly dancing together and gazing into eachothers eyes, then suddenly, break out into a pre-planned dance routine. Imagine your guest’s faces!


However, if you do fancy the idea of a properly choreographed dance with your loved one, then consider taking lessons together before the big day to impress your guests. It’s also a super romantic way of entering married life.



How you choose to leave your wedding as a newly married couple brings endless possibilities on what you could do. A common thing for people to do, is to decorate a car with ‘just married’ and attaching items that will create a noise as you drive away to attract attention.


Instead of this, why not go for something that represents who you are as a couple. Rather than the groom whisking his bride away, you could add comedic value and have the bride dragging the groom away. For example, you could have a small vehicle decorated as a pushchair for the groom to get into, signalling that now they’re married the bride is taking him away to start a family.


If you’re stuck for ideas on what you could do to make a dramatic exit from your wedding, get creative and search the internet for inspiration, or ask opinions from close friends. Ultimately, your wedding needs to represent you and your partner, so make it as personal as possible!


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