It Is Possible To Put Personality Into Your Unthemed Wedding

For some couples, nothing sounds more romantic than a themed wedding. Those who go down this route can imagine no better way to share their love with each other and their guests. And, if they’re willing to go all out, they can create a fantastic day for everyone. But, the themed wedding isn’t for everyone. Putting a stringent theme on your day can make things tricky for guests. The last thing you want is for people to buy a themed outfit they’ll never have the chance to wear again. Not to mention that this can pile a load of pressure on everyone, which isn’t what you want. And, they aren’t the only ones who can feel that way. The chances are that a themed wedding would mean a lot more work for you as a couple, too. So, a theme may be off the cards. But, does that mean you have no way of incorporating your personalities into your special day? Not at all. There are some much simpler ways to inject yourselves into your big day. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Have fun with the bride’s arrival

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The bride’s arrival is the moment in the day which is sure to attract everyone’s attention. As such, this is the ideal time to get personal with the most impact. Something as simple as arriving in a transportation method which means something to you both could work wonders. If you’re both motorbike fanatics, for example, arriving on a bike like those recommended by The Moto Expert could be your best bet. If you both grew up on farms, why not hop on the back of a tractor for the big moment? This will provide a small nod to the heart beneath the wedding, and is sure to go down a treat. Make the most of your music Music is a pretty significant part of any wedding. The tune you walk down the aisle to, for example, is sure to then hold meaning to you for the rest of your life. The wedding march is tradition, of course, but many couples are doing away with that for personal options. And, you could benefit from doing the same. Choosing a song which means something to your relationship is sure to add an extra something special to that precious moment. It’s sure to see your guests tearing up a little, too. Get personal with your small touches Plenty of small touches go into any wedding day. Table décor and placings, for example, are essential. Equally, things like your colour scheme and flower choices come together to create a finished effect. By getting personal with these, you add that extra depth without much effort at all. Picking flowers which remind you of your first date is effortless but lovely. Equally, making your place markers by hand is sure to add that something special. These are things which shouldn’t take you much extra time, but which could make your day one to remember.


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