Inspirational Ways To Make An Entrance On Your Big Day

If you’re in the final throes of planning your nuptials, the chances are that you only have a few more things to do on your checklist. One of the most common things to leave to the last minute is the entrance of the bride. While you know that you’ll be walking down the aisle to your chosen song, you’ll have your dad or another relative to give you away, and the venue is iron clad booked and ready for you to arrive, you might not have considered how to actually get to your wedding. It doesn’t matter whether you are getting married in a church, in a field, on the beach or in a castle, there are some inspirational ways you can make an entrance on your big day.

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Go Traditional


For the most traditional entrance, you might want to consider a swanky Rolls Royce, an iconic Bentley or a stunning Jaguar. You could go one step further and secure your very own personal driver from a firm like Seamless Chauffeur. These professionals can take the stress out of your journey to the church, have years of experience in navigating through traffic and always ensure that their cars are in top notch condition. You will experience the luxury that you deserve on your big day as well as have an awesome photo op with your beloved wedding car. While not the most unique way of arriving for your big day, a chauffeur driven vintage car will fit perfectly into your traditional theme.

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Look Up


Could there be a better entrance to your wedding than a hot air balloon? If you are getting married in a wide open space such as a park or open woodland and your wedding is less traditional and more rustic, a hot air balloon could provide the perfect entrance for you and your partner. Imagine your guests faces as you descend from the sky, making a perfect landing before heading down the aisle. If you’re keen to have a memorable wedding and want to make an entrance that people will never forget, consider looking into sky high endeavours. If a hot air balloon is a little bohemian, why not consider a light aircraft or a helicopter as an alternative?

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Match Your Theme


If you are marrying a farmer or you have farming heritage in your family, why not consider turning up to your big day by horse and cart or on the back of a tractor. A little tongue in cheek, but also a lot of fun, you could utilise a theme that is significant to you and your partner. If you are both movie buffs, why not arrive in the Ghostbusters car, the Scooby Doo van or the Little Miss sunshine camper. Whatever it is that means something to you as a couple, you could link it to the entrance to your ceremony.


Your big day is just that – it’s yours! Don’t worry too much about what other people think and enjoy creating happy memories for the future. You’ve booked your photographer, the cake is on order, your flowers are being freshly picked, and your guests are ready and waiting for you to arrive… so how will you make your grand entrance?


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