Infuse Your Wedding Style In Every Element Of The Day

Having a cookie cutter wedding that everyone has seen before is not what most couples want. In fact, what they really desire is a stylish day that reflects their shared interests and personality. Happily, it is indeed possible to achieve such a day, just read the advice below to find out how.

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A big white dress and a suit are the items of clothing that go through most people’s mind go when they think of weddings but are these the only choices? Absolutely not, in fact, it’s your day so it really is your rules and that means you can wear whatever you like. This leads some couples to think outside of the box and don period costume, fancy dress, or even to host a naturist style wedding celebration!.


Although, if you’d like something that reflects your personality but isn’t quite as extreme as the suggestions above why not look for wedding garb that is just a little out of the ordinary.


Many brides do this incredibility well be choosing pastel-coloured, or vintage style gowns like these 1960’s dresses with short or birdcage veils. For the guys, more informal suits in tweed with braces and bow tie can be a bit more whimsical without departing from the wedding theme altogether.




Whatever you do, always look around multiple wedding venues before you pick the financial location. After all, how will you know that you have just the right place to reflect your style unless you have a few other venues to compare it with?


If you are going for a high-end rustic type day, then a country house hotel with older building with lots of character can work incredibly well.


Although, don’t rule out hiring out your favorite restaurant for the day, or even a venue like a planetarium for a memorable event that is special to you.


You can inject additional style through decoration as a well. Something that crafty couples may like to create themselves.




Don’t be fooled into think that you only get to choose between chicken or fish for the food on your wedding day. Instead, open your mind up to the possibilities of serving your most favorite type of nosh. Whether that is an afternoon tea, a picnic on the lawn, or even some good ol’ English fish and chips.


In fact, serving something different is a great way to inject a little style and panache into your wedding. You may just be surprised at how many people are very glad of the change from the normal wedding grub as well.




In particular, the favours are a great way to inject your own personal sense of style and personality as a couple of the day. To do this successfully pick something that you can give as a small gift that is dear to your heart.


It could be some jam or pickle that you have made together at home, some biscuits that you have baked. Even a packet of seeds from the couple who love to garden is a great way to show your style to each and every guest.


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