Homemade Petal Confetti

For our upcoming wedding we are making our own confetti. We really wanted naturally dried flower petals, and instead of paying potentially over £100 to buy these in bulk, we had a better idea.

We have asked our close family and friends to save their petals from flowers they have over the next year and dry these for us. Then on our wedding day we will be showered with love from our loved ones.

It is a really easy process; before the flowers die (or the petals go brown) you pull the petals off and lay them in between kitchen towel. Then store them somewhere dark and dry. In a week or two you have perfectly naturally dried petal confetti. You then store in airtight containers until the big day! Very simple, and instead of the flowers being thrown away in the bin we get to have a great confetti collection for minimal cost.

Here is our first batch;

We have been buying reduced supermarket bouquets too – we now have fresh flowers in the lounge (always lovely) and when they start being too past their best we make up confetti. Aldi is also a fantastic place to pick up cheap flowers – they have many bouquets for only £2.

Our wedding theme is what I call “Boho Glam”. Fresh petal confetti collected from the people most important to us perfectly fits with our theme.

We have also seen a way to make personalised confetti cones fairly easily, and will probably have these set up in a wicker basket for our guests to pick one.

This is probably the main DY part of the wedding, and so far it has been fun and brightened up our home together!


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