Go Big, It’s Your Wedding Day!

A wedding is the celebration of the love you and your partner share for eachother, your promise to remain faithful, take care of one and other and, ultimately, the day that you stand in front of your loved ones and declare that you will be together for the rest of your lives. Getting married is among the top four most expensive things you will ever pay for, so why not make it a day to look back on with no regrets? Go big! It’s your wedding day!


Your wedding rings are one aspect of your wedding that you could spice things up a little with. Having specially made bands to suit what you and your partner desire is a fabulous touch to any wedding day. It’s even possible to have them engraved or to have a wedding band that has jewels on it. It’s also a great way of giving yourself to your partner even more because it feels more personal than a regular wedding band would.




Your wedding venue is another part of your wedding that if you get right, will make a huge difference on the day. Where would you love to get married? Here are some of the most popular places that you can tie the knot:

    • Church (or Mosque, whatever your religion states) – This option is generally the most traditional one because it has been used throughout the ages for people to get married. That’s not to say you have to be religious to marry in a Church though, if you or your partner have been Christened, then you will be able to marry.
    • The Beach – Haven’t we all at some point dreamt about saying ‘I do’ on a white sandy beach, next to crystal blue waters? If you’re nodding, or even feeling warm inside at the thought of it, then that may be an option for you.
    • Hotel – Many hotels now offer the capability to host your wedding from start to finish. With the added bonus of all of your wedding guests being able to have a room for the night too, why not go for a plush, multiple star hotel for your wedding?


  • Landmarks – Getting married in front of your favourite landmark is another dream for many people around the world. Search online and find out how you can book to marry your soulmate at your favourite location.
  • Sports grounds – This doesn’t necessarily mean getting married on a football pitch either, it could be on a golf course with a stunning back drop or in the countryside where you love to hike.



There are, of course, tons of other places that you’re able to tie the knot. There’s no limit on where you can get married either, so if you have a dream then follow it. These days, the more unusual your wedding is, the better.




Making sure that your hair, makeup and nails are perfect on the day is an essential too. This is your big day, so don’t regret not hiring that professional stylist to do your hair, and deciding to save money by doing your makeup yourself. This day is about your and your partner, so look your best and feel like a celebrity walking down the aisle.



Having an award winning wedding photographer will make a world of difference to how your wedding looks and feels. Imagine a top of the range photographer capturing every magical moment of your day. You will not be disappointed with the end result of the photos. Although, cheaper photographers may seem appealing, splashing out and paying that extra money for first class treatment and photos of your day is something everyone should consider.



Splashing out on the entertainment will bring a sense of class to your wedding too. Imagine having said your vows, and then dancing the night away with all of the people you care about to your style of music. Depending on how big you can go, you may even be able to hire your favourite singer or band to perform on your big day.


Having a choreographed dance routine for your first dance is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many couples these days. We’ve all seen the videos of the bride and groom appearing to have their first dance and then both of them breaking out into an unexpected dance with an upbeat song. Consider doing something like this, and be sure to inform someone that’s not included in the dance routine, so that you can watch it back and see the surprise on your guests faces.



Your wedding dress is probably something you have dreamed about since you were young, so make sure you get the perfect dress for you. If you have an eye for sketching, why not sit down and draw what you would love to have as a wedding dress. This will make it easier when it comes to searching for your dress to find the perfect one. Or, if you wanted to, you could meet with a designer who can create your dream dress for you. Be sure to get regular fittings whichever route you take, as wedding planning can make you drop a few pounds (hooray!). If you’re not sure on what kind of dress you would like to wear, you can head over to Pinterest, where you will find endless amounts of wedding dress ideas.



The food that you’re going to be offering your guests matters. The last thing you want is people turning their noses up at the selection you have picked. Going for general favorites will always go down a treat, and there’s no reason why that can’t be incorporated into a fancy sit down meal. It’s likely that you will have eaten with the majority of your guests at some point, so think about what kind of food they love and try and create a happy medium.



Transport is something that many couples love to splash out on. The chance to take a ride in their favourite vehicle is one that cannot be missed. Like with locations for getting married, there aren’t really any limits on what you can turn up to your wedding day in! Popular choices are:

  • Older, traditional looking cars
  • Sports cars
  • Limousines
  • Old bangers (yes, some people choose to have a beaten up car)
  • Unusual vehicles like fire engines, police vans and more.


Depending on your style and humour, you could make an amazing entrance to your wedding day that yourselves and your guests will look back on fondly for many years to come.



Your invitations can be classed up too. You can get invitations custom made by companies that will do all of the work for you. All you have to do, is send them a guest list. Often, companies like this even offer to do special invitations for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you’re feeling really fancy, you could pick out what kind of invite you would like and then hire a calligrapher to write your invitations for you. Calligraphy is a beautiful style of writing that’s sure to impress all of your soon-to-be guests. You are even able to do these for your thank you cards after the big day is over.



Speaking of someone doing all of the work for you, one way of creating your dream wedding without it over ruling your life is to hire a wedding planner. They have years of experience and will sort every last detail out for you including:

  • Venue
  • Table decoration
  • Seating plans (this will more than likely be done with you and your partner)
  • The caterers
  • Entertainment
  • Gifts and favours for your guests
  • Can and will advise on wedding dresses and suits
  • Transport
  • Flowers


You get the idea. It’s a fantastic way of knowing you’re going to be walking down the aisle, not having worried about a single thing.


Finally, your honeymoon is something you should also think about spending a little extra on. This trip won’t be like any other holiday. It’s the first trip that you’re taking as a married couple and it’s likely that soon you may be thinking about having children (or more children). Choose somewhere luxurious and have yourselves pampered, ready to come home and start your married lives together.



In this article, I have talked largely about spending tons of money on your wedding day. But, ultimately, not all of us are able to do that. Even though you should go big for your wedding, you can do this in ways that won’t necessarily break the bank. It’s really easy nowadays to have things done much cheaper than needed. Also, everyone knows someone with some sort of skill that will be useful for you to create your perfect day. Enjoy your big day, whatever you plan as it is only one day!


Congratulations on marrying your best friend, and soul mate!

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