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When it comes to any wedding day dreams, two moments stick in our minds most. Walking down the aisle is the big one. Wedding dreaming doesn’t get better than that. But, we said there were two moments. The second is, of course, the first dance. This tradition has stood the test of time, and anyone can see why. Having the first dance as a married couple is a beautiful way of sealing the deal and embarking on a life together. And, even those of us who don’t love to dance often spend time thinking about what song we’d play.

If you’re anything like most, this is something you’ve always  thought about. It might be that you heard a romantic song when you were fifteen and knew it was the one. Perhaps you also heard one at twenty and twenty-five. In short; you think you’ve got this covered. That is until you come to decide. Suddenly, those songs don’t seem to fit. So, what can you do?

Keep it practical

Practicality might not be romantic, but it’s a good starting point. If you’re at a loss, consider which songs are within your means. If you’ve hired a DJ like Benny Smyth for your evening do, ask for a list of available songs so that you can narrow things down. If you’ve hired a band, ask what they can play to get you off on the right footing. Think, too, about which songs you could dance to. Aside from being romantic, slow songs are good because they’re slow. You won’t need to do the jive to keep up, and that’ll make your life easier. While these practicalities might not lead to a decision, they can at least narrow your list.


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Consider your relationship

Some couples are lucky enough to have a relationship song. It might be something they danced to in the past, or a song they both love. Either way, they’ve got this sorted. But, if that were the case for you, you wouldn’t be reading this post. But, it is possible you and your partner have a song without realising. Sit down together and think about songs which have played a part in your relationship. Is there one which reminds you of each other, or a date you’ve been on in the past? Even a song which hasn’t come into your relationship could fit here if the lyrics suit. Merely have a planning session, and jot down anything which matches these criteria.

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It doesn’t have to be perfect

The central struggle with picking a first dance song is the desire for perfectionism. We all want that song which encapsulates everything about our relationships. We want ‘the one’. But, it’s unlikely you’ll find it. A song is just a song. As long as it sounds good and makes you both happy, that’s all that matters. All you need to make that moment perfect is your love, and your friends and family. The song itself doesn’t matter all that much after all.


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