Five Things Brides Often Neglect When Planning a Wedding

If you are currently busy trying to arrange your wedding, and are thinking about your dress, the venue, the ring, and the decoration, chances are that you are forgetting about some important things that can make a huge difference. While it is impossible to cover every small detail, you will certainly want to focus on the below things, or you might end up with a disaster.

Food Allergies and Intolerance

It is all fine to have a stunning menu on paper, but – no matter how small your wedding guest list is – there are likely to be people with special dietary requirements. It is always better to ask than to see people not eating as they cannot choose a meal that they are allowed. It is recommended that you ask people on your guest list about their dietary needs and food intolerance and talk to your catering company before the wedding menu is finalized.

Main Guests’ Outfit

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While your dress will be the most talked about, you should also help your other half and your family members choose their outfit that matches the style of your event and the venue, as well as your own dress. You should search for UK mother of the bride dresses on the internet and help your mother and your other family members choose a style that suits them as well as the theme of the wedding.

Driving and Parking Information

It is all fine to send out the wedding invitations on time, but not all your guests might know their way around the town or the resort you are holding your wedding. Provide detailed information on how to get to the place. Include GPS coordinates and a short description of the room you hired. Tell your guests where to park and whether they will need to pay for the valet parking or other services.

Elderly Guests

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You should not forget about the needs of your elderly guests. If you are lucky enough to have your grandparents attend your wedding, make sure that you provide them with a quiet area where they can rest and withdraw. Older people don’t enjoy music and noise as much as you, so accommodate their needs. If any of your guests have mobility issues, make sure that there is a disabled bathroom available at the venue.

Children’s Entertainment

If you would like to make your wedding enjoyable for all guests, you have to focus on the little details. Provide a separate room for children to play, or arrange entertainment, so they don’t get bored and start thinking about mischief. You might set up a game room or put on a DVD for smaller kids. If some of your guests arrive with young kids, arrange childcare on site, so they can enjoy your party without distraction.

Planning a wedding can be challenging for brides. To ensure that all your guests are having a good time and can make the most out your party, pay attention to the small details that will make a big difference.


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