Expecting The Unexpected Of The Wedding

We all want the wedding day to go perfectly. Not a single drop of rain or a single item out of place. However, wedding planning is as stressful as it is because the unexpected has a habit of creeping up on you. It doesn’t have to ruin your day or your bank balance, however. Here are a few ways you should prepare for the sudden turns up to and including the big day itself.


Put the guest list first

It might not be the most exciting part of planning a wedding, but it’s highly recommended you get to planning the guest list with help from sites like http://www.confetti.co.uk/ before or alongside any other choices you make. A lot of the ceremony depends on who exactly will be there, from the catering bill to the dreaded top table arrangements. You can always expect a cancellation or two before the day, so getting wind of those early gives you a lot more time to adapt your plans, as well.

Choose early, choose more than one

Besides the guest list, it’s the biggest and hardest to replace parts of the wedding that you should choose first. But when you choose, you should always keep in mind and keep the contact details of another who might be able to replace them. You might have chosen a wedding car that you adore, but you need to have a backup in mind should it end up getting written off or made otherwise unusable. You can’t really do this for venues, but you can be smart about your venue choice. For instance, no-one’s going to stop the rains from falling even if you did book that day a year in advance. So if you want an outdoor ceremony, choose somewhere that has a convenient indoor backup option.


Be prepared for the cost of a change

Rain is the least of your worries, however. Huge decisions can be reversed by the simple fact that life happens. We don’t like to think of weddings involving risk, but they do, and because of that, services like https://www.wedinsure.co.uk/ are a necessity to many. Someone might get sick, one of you might suffer the loss of a family member, an irreplaceable part of the arrangements might get lost. While you’re looking for a replacement and the possibility of having to push things back, it might cost you a lot more than you can handle.

Bring and emergency prep bag

On the day itself, your risks are mitigated if everything has been going swimmingly, but that doesn’t mean that you’re free and clear. Wardrobe malfunctions are one of the greatest concerns, which is why you should make sure you bring a little prep bag on the morning with safety pins, wardrobe tape, and a sewing kit. Of course, you should also be prepared for no-show vendors. They’re not common, but expecting them and keeping your wedding planner (or backup vendors) informed can help you get quick replacements.

You can never truly stop the unexpected from occurring, but you can be prepared to deal with it. Make sure you enlist your wedding party when you’re feeling up to your neck in it. That’s what they’re there for.

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