Dressing Tips for Grooms

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It sometimes feels like wedding style is all about the brides. For sure, more time is spent discussing the bride’s dress for the big day than the groom’s outfit, but you shouldn’t let that give you the impression that looking good as a groom isn’t just as important as being a beautiful bride – it is.


Unfortunately, as the groom, you don’t get the same kind of support from your guy friends as your lovely bride to be does when she’s choosing her perfect outfit, so if you aren’t particularly into fashion, it can be tough choosing the right look for your wedding day.


If you want to look good for your girl, but you don’t know what to wear, check out these simple dressing tips for grooms:


Think About the Venue


Before you go shopping for your morning suit, think about the venue and setting for your wedding. Is it a big posh hotel? A church? A beach? What colour will the flowers be? When you’re clear on where you’re getting married and how the place will look, it’s a lot easier to find a suit that will look perfect for the occasion.


Go Bespoke

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If you want to ensure that you 100 percent look fabulous on your wedding day, there are no two ways about it; you need to go for a bespoke morning suit. Bespoke suits from a tailor will always look better than suits off the peg because they will have been made to your specific requirements from the start. You won’t have to worry about trousers that drag on the ground and have to be poorly hemmed at the last minute, a waistcoat that’s too tight or a jacket that doesn’t suit your body type.


When you’re buying a bespoke morning suit, you should remember that you will need to leave more time for it to be made, so start shopping for your perfect suit well in advance.


Don’t Be Afraid of Colour


A lot of grooms end up looking, well, a bit drab because they’re afraid of adding any colour t their wedding outfit, but a little hint of colour can really elevate an already great suit and make it look even more amazing than it did before.


The best place to add some colour to your suit, in my opinion, is with the waistcoat, specifically the back panel of the waistcoat so that it isn’t too in your face and you can totally get away with matching it to your flowers or the theme of the venue. There’s nothing quite like a flash of light pink, red or blue with a nice neutral suit to give it some oomph.


Obviously, you should match the colour of your waistcoat’s back panel to your tie, flower, and handkerchief for a polished, ‘together’ look.


A Crisp White Shirt

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When it comes to the shirt you get married in, it should be crisp, white and fitted and the buttons should be beautiful –think mother of pearl – it shouldn’t be the kind of shirt that you wear for work! You should also finish off your shirt with matching cufflinks if you want to really nail the look.


What are your top tips for dressing well for your wedding?



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