Disaster-Proof Your Wedding Day


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Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life. It’s a day that requires lots of careful planning and a lot of funding. Not every disaster can be prevented, however you can plan for the most common hitches. Here are a few reliable ways to disaster proof your special day.


Insure your wedding


Taking out wedding insurance can allow you to cancel and rearrange the service if disaster strikes. Wedding insurance schemes can cover a variety of things. If you, your partner or someone else important is ill or stranded abroad and unable to attend, an insurer will usually allow you to cancel and will compensate you. Insurers may also cover you if the venue goes bust, if organisers don’t turn up or if important items are damaged or stolen (e.g. the ring, the cake, the dress). Wedding insurance doesn’t cover you if you get cold feet nor will you be able to cancel due to rain or damage to your dress that was your fault.


Hire a wedding planner


Hiring someone to take care of wedding planning can take a lot of the stress out of planning. You won’t have to worry about forgetting a vital component. Wedding planners may even be able to find last-minute replacements if an important vendor such as a photographer or catering service isn’t able to attend. You should shop around for wedding planners as they all charge different rates. Giving a wedding planner more time to plan a wedding can sometimes result in cheaper rates.


Prepare for all weathers


Rain and snow is almost impossible to predict. Whilst you can host your entire wedding indoors, this shouldn’t be the only solution. If you want an outdoor wedding or simply want part of your wedding to be hosted outdoors, consider arranging your wedding in the summer to increase your chances of good weather. Of course, the sun won’t be guaranteed, and it will be more expensive to arrange your wedding during this season due to the popularity. Spring and Autumn are likely to be cheaper, although the chance of bad weather increases. A safe solution could be to set up a marquee and have the wedding ceremony held underneath this. Similarly think twice about arriving via open-top car, wear suitable shoes and have your stylist use products that are water resistant.


Limit alcohol early on


Another common disaster is not pacing oneself when it comes to drinks. Offering too much champagne early on could cause you, your partner or an important guest to become plastered before the ceremony has even began. Try to limit drinks throughout the day – if you’re meeting up someone with a bar before the ceremony, you could consider offering only one drink per guest. After the ceremony, people can let loose on the bar, but until then you probably want to be in a relatively sober state.


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