Budget Brides: Have a Luxurious Day Without Breaking The Bank!

Aside from buying a house and a car, for many people their wedding day is one of the biggest expenses they will cover in their adult life. However, not all of us are in a position where we can afford to spend thousands getting married. If you’re a bride on a budget, you might be worried that your day won’t be as beautiful as you’d like- however there’s no need to stress. There are lots of ways you can have a stunning day that feels luxurious even if you don’t have thousands in the bank. Here are some ideas.


Save on Your Dress

As the bride, you will want to look beautiful on your big day and part of that is having the right dress. But you don’t have to go to a boutique and spend thousands. You can buy wedding dresses from abroad that are far cheaper, although there are horror stories out there, there are also hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Check reviews of the site you want to use, and ask them to send pictures of their actual work. Alternatively, you could check the high street for white dresses and formal gowns which will be cheaper than an ‘actual’ wedding dress. With your veil on and your wedding accessories you’ll still look stunning and no one need know it wasn’t a designated wedding dress.


Make Your Own Cake

Do you, or does someone you know enjoy baking? If you’re a whizz when it comes to making cakes then why pay hundreds for someone else to do this for you- make your own! Go with something simple- ‘naked’ wedding cakes are popular and look really effective, instead of messing around getting a perfect layer of white icing you can simply decorate with fruit and flowers instead. Alternatively, go with a tower of cupcakes which are easier to bake and decorate. You can get stunning wedding cupcake cases cheaply on sites like eBay. Check out some inspiration for icing and decorating them on Pinterest and wedding blogs.


Grow Your Own Flowers

Flowers are one of the most significant costs when it comes to weddings, but you can save money here. Plant rose bushes, lily plants, peonies or other beautiful flowers in your garden- when you get married you can cut them and arrange your own bouquets. Bulk them out with inexpensive supermarket flowers, or even wildflowers that you’ve picked yourself, for free. Flowers are expensive to buy but fairly easy to grow, you could even ask some of your loved ones to grow some for you as well.

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Get a Loan

Finally, if you need a little more money to cover your wedding day then you always have the option of borrowing. Wedding loans are common, and can be a way for you to have the day of your dreams when you don’t have a lot of savings. Always be sure to borrow responsibly, don’t go overboard and work out the repayments so you know you can afford to pay it back without getting yourself into trouble. In some cases, borrowing money can be a good option so decide if it’s right for you.


Your wedding day can still be beautiful without the need for lots of money. A few simple touches can add tons of elegance and glamour, no one need know that you did it on a shoestring budget.

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