Atmospheric Venues We’re Loving This Wedding Season

Finding an incredible wedding venue is a big part of the fun of getting hitched. No longer shackled by tradition, today’s couples are experimenting with wedding venues in ways that previous generations would never have dared. This year, we’ve seen weddings on submarines and space museums, to mention just two.


Perhaps you don’t want to go that extreme, but you do want your wedding venue to have the right atmosphere. After all, you want your wedding to be unique and special. Here are some ideas for wedding venues on the road less travelled.


A Windmill


Windmills are a part of our distant industrial past. They were among the very first machines to reduce the amount of manpower required to process grain and make bread. As such, they popped up all over the countryside and became a part of our landscape. Few windmills survive to this day, however. What’s more, they signify a simpler time, characterised by chivalry and romance. As a result, they make the perfect backdrop for a wedding.



Windmill owners know this. Thus, many windmills offer “wedding services,” but there are often strict limits on the number of people allowed to attend. A wedding windmill in Norfolk, for instance, only allows 20 people at a time.


A Tipi


Wedding marquees are popular among couples who want outdoor weddings. But marquees are boring and generic. Wedding tipis, on the other hand, are unusual, atmospheric and steeped in culture. Unlike windmill weddings, tipis can be built to accommodate any number of guests. Plus, thanks to their unique shape, they create a unique atmosphere you’re unlikely to get anywhere else.


A Castle


If you live in the US, then sorry, your choice of castles is rather limited. But if you happen to live in the UK or Europe, you’re almost spoilt for choice. It turns out that the best castles for weddings aren’t actually those castles which were built in the medieval period. Medieval castles were defensive structure, and although they have their own charm, they’re not always the enchanting destinations we imagine them to be. Newer castles, built by the romantics in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are, however, much more in line with what we might imagine to be a romantic castle. They’re more decorative than defensive, and prioritise aesthetics over function.



Castle weddings can occur anywhere on the grounds or in the castle itself. Some castles, like the Gothic revival castle at Castell Coch, allow couples to have the ceremony in the drawing room with space for up to 30 people.


A Film Studio



If you and your loved one have a large collection of film DVDs sitting on a bookshelf in your living room, then you might be the sort of couple who would be interested in having a film set wedding. Pinewood Studios, for instance, have a set that they rent out to couples. It’s built in a famous country house which has plenty of surrounding gardens for guests to stroll about in during the reception.


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