Review – Uber Sonic Toothbrush

Recently I left my toothbrush at a hotel – oh well a great excuse to buy a new one!

There seem to be so many options out there on the market it can feel a bit overwhelming to know where to go.

Ultimately, I go with the awards/reviews!

The Uber Sonic toothbrush has won the German Design Award 2018 and is the first aluminum toothbrush – which makes it very light to hold.

It has a rechargeable power station so no faffing about with batteries – and it has a modern and sleek design;

What I like is that you can sign up to a subscription service, regularly receiving fresh heads straight to your door, as well as teeth whitening kits and a whole new toothbrush each year.

You can cancel at any time too – so you are not locked in.

I have been using this for a couple of weeks now. The toothbrush is powerful, and yet quiet, and I definitely feel clean and fresh after using it. I haven’t quite gotten used to the small head yet and keep bumping my teeth on the metal part – most likely just a user error!

Overall I would absolutely recommend this as a reasonably priced quality toothbrush.

You can check it out here.


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