Money Saving Tips

Saving up for a wedding is no easy task – therefore we look for a variety of ways to save money.

Here are some of the top tips we have so far;

1 – Change Supermarket

Switching our supermarket shop from Asda and Tesco to Aldi has saved us £00’s each month. What is great too is we love what Aldi has to offer. The food is great quality, as well as being great value, as is their drinks range, and fresh flowers. We have fresh flowers in the house all the time, and Aldi makes that a reasonable cost (think £2-3 for a bunch that lasts over a week).

Aldi shopping isn’t how it used to be many years ago, they stock a great selection of products that we now prefer over the high street brands in Tesco, that cost double the price usually…

2 – Use Vouchers

There are so many ways to save money with voucher websites it almost seems crazy not to research for offers before making a big purchase, such as a new coffee machine (we saved 65%) or airport parking (saved 30%) o even just some new clothes (10% saved on Debenhams).

One site we have recently come across is;

They seem to have a great variety of vouchers across all categories – a perfect one to bookmark.

You can also check out dealsqueen and dealsplanet.

3 – Sell what you don’t need

As well as voucher sites there are loads of sites to sell unused items locally. I loved clearing out the house of junk and at the same time making some extra money. Now the challenge is to not spend that money on more clutter…

4 – Check out local events

We used to spend so much money on meals out or day trips, without realising how much was on offer for free around us. Join some local Facebook groups and check out what the local council has advertised on their website. With summer coming up we are looking forward to some great free days out in the Suffolk countryside and coast – such as the Felixstowe Carnival, which is a free event each summer with live music, a parade, and food and market stalls.

5 – Never automatically renew

An obvious one I thought but it is suprising how many people do not shop around – when your car, house or pet insurance comes for renewal make sure you check out a comparison website before agreeing to another year (usually at a hugely increased price). I saved over 60% on my car insurance renewal quote, Simon saved almost 50%! Also with compare the market you can get access to BOGOF cinema tickets, saving even more money!


What are your top money saving tips?

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