Making Weddings Personal

I think it comes from working as a barmaid at a hotel for 3yrs that I am so keen on making our wedding as personal as possible.

During my time at the hotel I must have worked over 100 weddings, and yes the hotel location would make them seem very similar, but in so many other ways most weddings looked identical to one another.

So, I am determined that our wedding will be incredibly personal and special to us, we don’t want a “cookie cutter” wedding. Here are some of the ways you can make your wedding personal;

Personalised Tableware

I love all things personalised, and when I found out we could have personalised napkins and coasters, well, I was sold!

I had great fun designing some that fit our theme, and am hoping people get a kick out of the personal touch.

We got ours from Confetti, an amazing website for all things Wedding!

Visit website.


One of the easiest ways to add a personal touch is to add some personal photos. I remember going to a friend’s wedding where they had covered a wall with photos of their love story along strings of fairy lights. It looked so beautiful and romantic. It is one of my strongest memories of the reception, and we will absolutely be incorporating photos into our venue. I will share specifics after the event – as I don’t want to ruin too many surprises for our guests!

The Ceremony

Assuming you are having a non religious ceremony, you can personalise almost all of the words that your registrar will read. There are around 3 legal required sections of wording, the rest is fair game to make your wedding as unique and personal as you want.

It was tough to write our ceremony as well as our ring vows, but it will be so worth it to have a totally personal and meaningful ceremony.

We will incorporate our love story, and references that matter most to us. Really, these are the words that make your union legal, why shouldn’t you make it all about you?

A Family Affair

We are having an intimate family ceremony, and it was important to both of us that our closest family members feel involved in our wedding.

My Dad will walk me down the aisle, both Moms will say a reading, Simon’s brother is his best man, his sister is my Bridesmaid.

Your family are choosing to share this most precious moment with you, and they will appreciate you including them in something so important to you.

The Walk On Song

Walking down the aisle, you see each other for the first time as Bride and Groom, and it is the last time you meet each other before you forever become Husband and Wife. The soundtrack to this moment should be one that means something to you both. A song that reflects your love story. We were able to choose our song fairly quickly, because it was so clearly a reflection of us and our relationship. From that day on, we will never hear it without being transported back to that truly special moment, that first look, that important walk to become Husband and Wife.

How did you personalise your wedding?

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