Home Styling at Casa de Cooper

I love our house. It is the first house that I have owned, and although Simon moved in a few years later, it’s styling represents us both.

Recently we have repainted our entire downstairs, and soon after my phone broke and I lost all the cool before and after pictures! So take my word for it – the updated paintwork has given the place a new lease of life. This of course also gave me a great excuse to buy some new homeware – perhaps one of my favourite activities!

Here are some of my favourite new items;


I am OBSESSED with the letterboard trend, they are so much more classy than the lightbox trend of last season.

We originally had a black and white board, which was nice but didn’t really go with the new room. Then I saw the coloured boards at Gingersnap and fell in love!

We chose a large midnight blue board to go in the lounge. Simon loves Dance Music, so as of now we have used Dance Music lyrics. I love how this looks above our chic record player, and it is the perfect mix of both Simon and I.

This has been the perfect personal touch to our newly repainted lounge – and readers should know by now how much I love personal touches!

Which brings us to our new cushion;

This is perfect for our home ahead of our upcoming wedding, and would make a great Valentines or Wedding gift.

Currently it sits between our Beauty and the Beast bears, but the plan is to revamp our bedroom soon and fill the bed with mismatched cushions that we love and all mean/represent something different to us. For me, items in your home shouldn’t just be “stuff”, they should be things that bring you joy, bring back good memories, and/or make you smile.

Of course, I love Beauty and the Beast (to put it mildly!), and the bears are by far not the only BATB items filling our house!

For example, check out these cool new couple mugs, which is a nice subtle, and grown up, nod to the film;

We love candles, and finding new brands and new scents.

Recently, we found this lovely boho boutique and it was selling electronic wax melters. I have never seen electric ones before, and the melter was beautiful. The light it gives off was nice enough, but the smell coming from the one on display was amazing!

This now sits with pride of place in our lounge, and we have a beautiful scented room to greet our guests.

Another light in the lounge is this amazing globe light from John Lewis. We often get compliments from people the first time they come round, intrigued by such an interesting piece!

We rarely ever have the main lights on in the house, we prefer the soft lighting given off my having a mismatch of lamps, candles and fairy light jars.

We want our home to feel warm, soft and welcoming. Lighting choices are crucial for this atmosphere.

We love our house, and we also love keeping it updated and fresh, on trend, whilst staying “us”.

Which means now the downstairs looks good – it is time for the next project! Watch this space for the Bedroom refresher project…



*some of the above products were sent in exchange for inclusion in this post. This doesn’t mean we don’t love them – all opinions are our own!

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