Christmas – make it personal!

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You know we love a good personalized gift here at Whisky and Milkshakes.

They are a great way to show someone that you really thought about them – and that this isn’t a random candle from the “regift box”!

To truly get that personal touch you should give them an item that shows you truly know the person and what they want, I also prefer practical gifts that they can use – and when they use them I hope it brings a smile to their face to remember that this was a gift from someone who cared about them.

There are so many personalization options out there too. Here are some of my recent favourites;

Personalized cutting board – I absolutely love these and think they add a real classy touch to the kitchen. Especially the photo we have chosen for this post with the co-ordinates for the house – I love this one!

Personalized pet bowl – We all know our pets have a special place in our hearts – and giving a proud dog/cat owner a personalized pet bowl is such a winner I have found! 

Personalized tumblers – I absolutely love tumblers – for travel, for work, for holidays, or just at home! And how fun to have your own personal one – now Simon can’t steal it from me!

What items would you like to have personalized?

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