Centerparcs Hen Weekend

I recently celebrated my Hen Weekend at Centerparcs Elveden.

It was my perfect hen weekend, and if you are looking for something a bit different to the normal pink feather boas, willy games, and L plates then Centerparcs is a great idea. Classy, and relaxing, it was everything I wanted.

The Gift Bags

I wanted to spoil my guests and thank them for spending the weekend celebrating with me, so they all had special gift bags waiting for them;

It includes;

Team bride festival wristband

Team bride hair tie

Face masks

Easter Egg (it was around Easter)

Team Bride gift bag

Luxury mini candle

Handmade card


The ladies all seemed to love them – but no-one was more spoiled than me by my Chief Bridesmaid and Mum!

The Gifts to the Bride

Mum bought me some cute John Lewis chocolates and pillow cases, including some grown up Beauty and the Beast ones – she knows me so well!

Laura, my Chief Bridesmaid, well… she did just about everything a bride could hope for!

All I wanted was a ring balloon – she delivered;

She also had the perfect cake made;

And surprised me with an overwhelming amount of gifts, including a Wedvent Calendar;

One of the most thoughtful parts was the games she made.

Firstly, a “henopoly” mapping out mine and my fiance’s relationship and wedding – how incredible!

She made a “Mr and Mrs” game but took it to the next level with videos of Simon answering and a homemade glittery paddleboard! It was so fun and luckily I scored pretty highly.

She also knew that “pin the willy on the hunk” would not go down well with me – so she took our proposal photo and made “stick a woop on the coops”!

I am sure you will agree – she is an outstanding friend and Chief Bridesmaid!


We filled our time with;

Driving an electric boat around the lake – turns out I am not great at parking a boat!

Bowling night – complete with alcoholic slush puppies!

Spa Day complete with treatments – Aqua Sana at Centerparcs Elveden is one of my fave places ever!

We also ate out many times and spent hours in the main pool complex.

Most people get around by walking or cycling – but I loved zipping around on my new rollerskates!

So retro and cute! You can buy them here.

Bride Tribe

I am so grateful for my family that spent the weekend with me;

Mum – Dawn – my sidekick and most incredible mother

Mum in Law – Jan – luckily not the nightmare MIL stereotype

Sis in Law – Rachel – Who apparently takes the highest group selfies ever…

Sis in Law – Kim – Ring in the potatoes…

Bestie – Laura – Best friend a girl could ask for

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