10 Things About Us

Rachel over at Coffee, Cake and Kids inspired us to share a little about us – some well known and little known facts!


1 – I once met Gordon Cowans – a member of the 1982 Aston Villa European Cup winning team. Oh yeah.. I am also an Aston Villa supporter!

2 – When I was 8 I was a TV star on Fox Kids – my child star life was short lived.

3 – I am terrified of clowns – I don’t know why – not just horror movie clowns but all clowns

4 – I have been riding motorbikes since I was 17 and have had 4 bikes in that time – I now work in a bike shop so the chances of bike number 5 are looking good…

5 – One of my biggest dreams is to go to Tomorrowland, a huge dance festival in Belgium – or failing that at least EDC Vegas!

6 – I am an Equity for Punk in Brewdog – I love craft beer and Brewdog as a company #craftbeernotcrapbeer

7 – I am the middle child – one older sister and one younger brother. We are all close, even though we now live across the country from one another.

8 – We visited Las Vegas last year, it was my first holiday outside of Europe and it was the BEST holiday of my life! Not only did we get engaged, but I loved every moment of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I will definitely go back!

9 – Music is my passion, specifically electronic dance music… but the best band of all time is Queen!

10 – I love Lego – even as an adult! I am a believer of strictly following the instructions. Charlotte bought me a Big Bang Theory set recently, and I have my eye on the Lego Death Star for the next one…



1 – I lived in Sunshine Coast, Australia for 6 months as part of a work secondment. It was one of the best times of my life, and changed my outlook and approach to quite a lot of life.

2 – One of my biggest successes was creating an inernational Domestic Violence Awareness campaign for Womens Aid and Refuge. This was featured in Glamour magazine and promoted by Avon Cosmetics. We raised over £20,000 and multiple well known people took part, including Maria Sharapova, Gillian Anderson, Caroline Flack, Susan Boyle, and even Harry Styles’ Mum (who by far had the most retweets of all of the celebrities!).

3 – I am terrified of drowning and circus performers – I wish my work had known that before they booked circus performers for our work event last year! #criedlikeababy

4 – I have visited the Falkland Islands 6 times with my job (a chartered accountant) – not many civilians visit this remote part of the world, yet for me it almost feels like a second home!

5 – Travel is one of the most important things to me – my favourite places I have visited are Australia (I cannot narrow down a particular place – I love all of it!), Gdansk (Poland), Las Vegas and Amsterdam.

6 – I am a published prize winning artist… okay it was a Fifi and the Flowertots magazine..

7 – I have a first class honours degree in History and Philosophy, with an additional award for my final year exams in Philosophy of Religion.

8 – I have 3 tattoos which all symbolise key people or parts of my life. I will probably end up with a few more over my life, but I will only get ones that represent something truly important to me – after all it is a life long decision!

9 – My dad used to have a music studio in the house. He wrote a song for me called “Without You” and had it recorded on a wider album. I wish I had his musical talents.

10 – I collect Hard Rock Cafe magnets around the world, it is an excuse to travel and collect cool mementos of my travels. My friends also pick them up for me when they are on holiday, and each one makes me feel very special. I have over 20 so far from places as far reaching as Toronto, Surfers Paradise, Niagara Falls, New York, Lisbon and Berlin.

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