Why Traveling Long Haul Might Be Great For Your Finances

Whether you already have a dream place you always wanted to visit or are just searching for the location to retire, you might want to plan a trip that lasts longer than a traditional holiday, so you can learn more about the culture, traditions, pick up the language, and experience life as a local. While it is not for everyone, and you might find that your dream place is not what you expected it to be, you can make the most out of your journey if you do your research and explore your options. A week or two will never be enough to be more than a tourist, and you will not get the chance to find out what real life is in the country. At the same time, traveling long haul can help you save money. Find out more below.

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You Can Learn the Language

If you stay longer than a week, learning the language will help you get on and save money on everyday living. No matter which corner of the world you are visiting, being able to greet the locals in their own language will open doors and help you find out more about the country and decide whether or not the lifestyle offered is for you. If you can communicate with people, you will have a better chance of getting bargains on trips and tours, and even find the cheapest shops or accommodation for your stay.

Engage with Locals

If you can engage with locals, you can save money on accommodation and eating out. You will make new friends if you pick up the language, and get free tours. Most people living in tourist areas, or even remote locations are proud of their heritage and their attractions, and they will be happy to give you recommendations and even take you there. You should not be afraid of talking to strangers. Instead, accept help with gratitude and talk to expats as well as local residents so you can save time and money searching for your dream.

Learn New Skills

When you travel the world, you are likely to pick up new skills. Apart from the language, you will also be able to improve your verbal communication, your project management, your timekeeping, and budgeting skills. Traveling the world instead of going on a package holiday will provide you with new experiences and open up your horizon. You might simply learn to drive on the other side of the road, plan itineraries, or create a spending budget, but these skills will benefit you for many years to come.

Working Abroad

Of course, you can also find work opportunities abroad, no matter what your background is. If you would like to spend your gap year exploring a new culture, your English skills will make you the perfect bar staff. You can support your lifestyle while traveling, and enjoy your journey without blowing your budget. If you already have a profession or would like to change your career, travelling might be just the thing you need to explore new paths. You will not only learn the language, but also get trained in a new profession as an apprentice abroad. You might want to get a part time job or side business to keep the money coming in while you are away.

Cheaper Accommodation

Of course, if you book accommodation for a longer term, you will get better prices. Forget about the popular hotels and bed and breakfasts, and stay with locals in an AirBnB. Alternatively, once you know that you have a secure income, you can look for apartments to rent. You can search for long term rentals paris if your dream is to learn French or become a better chef and pick up some new skills. You should look in popular residential areas, instead of tourist districts to make your budget stretch further.

Traveling Like a Local Saves You Money


Of course, you will learn the local way, when you stay in the country for longer. You will pick up advice from expats and local people, as well as blogs and tourist offices. You will figure out what is the cheapest and fastest option to get around the city and explore the countryside. You will receive plenty of recommendations when it comes to trying the local cuisine or meeting new people. You will eventually find a local store that has everything you are missing abroad at an affordable price, and learn how to get coupons and vouchers from the local newspaper or leaflets to save on trips and attraction tickets.

Getting Insider Tips

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There are some things that tourists are never told. You have to live like a local to get insider tips on making the most out of your free time on a budget. For example, many Budapest visitors don’t know that they can travel down the River Danube up to 10 miles on a boat (water taxi service) and see the entire city and surrounding area with a Budapest card, and they don’t have to pay for a cruise tour. These are the kind of tips that will help you travel on a shoestring budget instead of following other tourists.

Spotting Business Opportunities

Of course, there are ways to support your lifestyle while abroad, apart from taking on a job. If you become a local and a part of the community, you can spot business opportunities. From importing goods to offering language tuition, there are plenty of ways you can earn your living and have more in the bank than when you left. You will also have a chance to learn from local businesses and team up with them to establish a new venture. In case you are a freelancer and love working from anywhere in the world, you might be able to recruit a remote team to grow your business and increase your profits.


While being a tourist is a great way of exploring the world, becoming a local has several financial and emotional benefits.


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