Top 5 things to do… in Vegas!

In August we went on a holiday of a lifetime to Las Vegas.

We had been saving for the trip for almost a year and it exceeded all of our high expectations.

It was made even more perfect when Simon proposed to Charlotte out in the nearby Red Rock Canyon…

We would love to visit Las Vegas again in the future – if you want to visit too then we recommend these top 5 activities;


1) Visit the Grand Canyon

Perhaps it seems slightly odd but the first suggestion is to leave Las Vegas! You are a short flight (or long car ride) from the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

We chose to fly out as it was the faster option,  and it meant that we saw the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead from above.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon around sunrise time – this was such a beautiful time to see the incredible canyon. It also meant we avoided the crowds and the intense heat!

Top tip – visit early in the morning.

2) See a Show

We chose to see Cirque de Soleil’s Ka at the MGM Grand.

It was the first time we had seen Cirque and the show was incredible! The prices for food and drink and souvenirs were excessive at the show… even for Vegas. Think $90 for a souvenir photo and $21 for a Sprite…

Top tip – we saved money on our tickets by logging onto the MGM Grand Wifi which launched a welcome page with exclusive offers. I believe other casinos offer this too. Also, we booked the tickets at the show counter rather than online as the staff there knew the best seats for that particular show.

(no photo here given the $90 charge…)

3) Play the Big Wheel

Enjoying a gamble at the many casinos is a quintessential part of Vegas. However with the various options of games/machines it can be hard to know where to begin.

Our favourite way to gamble quickly became the Big Wheel, which is found in most hotels along the Strip.

So why did we love it – firstly, the payout rates were pretty good and we regularly won in excess of $50 each time we played. Also, you get the pull a huge lever to spin the giant bright wheel – this never gets old!

We also found that as the game was fun and paid out often we would sit at the machines more than other games, and the longer you sit in a casino the more free drinks you get. I will never forget the wonder in Simon’s eyes when he got his first free beer.

Top tip – the machine shows you the recent history of winning options, using this helped us choose winning bets more often than not.

4) Rent a classic American Car

Las Vegas is surrounded by beautiful desert scenery. We chose to rent a Chevy Camaro and drive out to Red Rock Canyon, as this was one of the highest rated local spots.

It was relatively easy to drive there without a Sat Nav and it was a lovely place to wander around.

We arrived around noon and I will be honest – it was far too hot! I was pretty grumpy about the heat… until Simon made the day unforgettable by popping the question! Then I couldn’t even feel the heat anymore, everything just felt perfect.

Top tip: You can rent a car from Enterprise at Excalibur – useful to find a car rental place on the strip so you don’t have to worry about getting to/from the car hire place.

5) Enjoy the Strip!

The best part of Las Vegas is enjoying all the hotels on the Strip.

Do not underestimate how long it will take to really enjoy and experience the full Strip. To see each major hotel, only fairly briefly, will take a couple of days due to the sheer overwhelming unexpected size of each hotel!

And why would you only want a brief visit in each when so many have fantastic attractions to offer.

We particularly loved;

  • The Eiffel Tower at Paris
  • The fountains and conservatory at Bellagio
  • The High Roller at the Linq
  • The canals at the Venetian

Las Vegas really is an adult’s Disneyland – so soak up all it has to offer!

Top tip: Use the metro that links almost all major hotels on the Strip when your feet are tired – a cheap and fast way of moving up and down the Strip.


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