Planning A Winter Trip To The Capital

We may only just be saying goodbye to summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start looking forward to all the excitement that autumn and winter will bring! With beach holidays well behind us, we’re going to be looking at those cultural city breaks to break up the monotony of work and chilly nights. And which better city to visit than London, one of the greatest cities on earth? Take a trip during autumn or winter, and you’ll be able to soak up all the magic of the capital. Below, we guide you through everything you need to know to get the most out of your trip.


When to Go


When to go on your weekend break to London will depend on what you plan to do when you’re there, and how much you’re able to handle crowds. For our money, there’s no better time to visit than in the run-up to Christmas. From mid-November up until the big day, the streets are alive with lights, energy, and plenty of fun. Of course, it can be busy at this time, so if you’d rather soak up London on your terms, look at October or January.


Minding the Cold Weather


Getting wrapped up in a big coat, scarf, and gloves and strolling the London streets is part of the magic of visiting during this time of year. But it also means you need to think about your plan a little bit more closely than you would in summer; you don’t want to be aimlessly strolling the streets! When looking for accommodation, look at City of London hotels, as they’ll ensure you’re close to all the action and won’t have to worry about travelling long distances through the cold and dark to get to your room. Also, create a loose itinerary for your trip; London is big, but a lot of its attractions are clustered together, so you can see a few sights at one time before moving on to the next part of town.


Events, Events, Events


There are always a lot of events taking place in London, but things are extra active in the run-up to Christmas. On any given day, you’ll find dozens of special attractions, concerts, and activities taking place across the city. There are few things better than going on an ice-skating adventure at the Natural History Museum or Somerset House, or taking in all the fun at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.


Shop Til You Drop


Hey, if you’re visiting when the weather is chilly then you need to keep warm somehow! And what better way to stay warm than by walking in and out of London’s best shops, maybe carrying a few bags of new goods? Take a walk down Regent Street and Oxford Street, and you’ll be fully immersed in the winter magic, as people shop for Christmas presents under the twinkling lights that hang overhead.


Whenever you visit, you’re sure to have a memorable time – the kind only London can provide – during your trip to the city!

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