My Kingdom For A Horse: What’s Your Holiday Transportation?

If you’re a travel enthusiast, you’ve probably come across a variety of holiday makers. Some enjoy a historic visit through a new city, as a way to embrace a new culture and make a new past their own. Others prefer a peaceful sunbathing holiday instead. But how about picking your holiday destination based on your favourite mean of transport? Sounds odd? Don’t let this disturb you. If you want a cultural holiday, you need to consider spending a lot of time on the road, from a place to another. So why not make your holiday a transport-centred experience that takes you at the heart of a new culture?


Mediterranean holidays: get that scooter ready

If you want to discover the sweet charm of the Mediterranean region, from the Provence to the south of Italy, then you need to look for a scooter or a small bike to make the most of your time. Can there be anything more iconic than riding through the tiny streets of a seaside village? If you’ve got a car driving licence, you’ll  be pleased to know that you can still hire a small bike or a scooter because these don’t require any additional licence. However, you might need a few tips before you take your darling for a ride – click here for more info about everything you need to prepare before the ride, and what you need to pay attention to as you ride. Picture yourself riding an old scooter from the 1950s or 1960s, with a basket attached at the back for your picnic. How idyllic does that sound for a discovery of the Med?

Ride through Italy on a scooter

Italy Motorbike Vespa


Metropolitan holidays: tube and cabs

If you’re one for quick and easy transportation and you don’t like to wait, you might prefer to stick to Metropole cities. From London to New York, there are plenty of exciting cultural spots to discover: museums, prestigious restaurants – the View, the spinning restaurant at the top Marriott in NYC is a great address – and historic buildings. The best way to navigate from one spot to the other is the ally of all urbanites: public transport and cabs. It’s a safe way to be part of the everyday life of the locals.


Nordic holidays: give your legs some actions

If you have a soft spot for Nordic landscapes and the beauty of flat lands, you’ll love the idea of a cycling holiday. Is there any better way to discover the Netherland or Norway during the warm months than to on a bicycle, pedalling slowly along the canal or the sea front? Get your legs into action and love the fresh smell and the green landscapes.

Discover Amsterdam on a bicycle


Take a canal tour through Europe

How about taking some time off work to discover the old water ways and across Europe? You can hire a barge for a few weeks or book a room on a bigger boat to enjoy the slow pace of life. Reconnect with the elements: water under your feet and fresh air in your hair. Canal holidays are a big hit in England, France, and the Netherlands.


So what will be your take on the travelling world? Are you one for a trendy ride? Or do you prefer the peacefulness of the water?


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