Fun At Rutland Nature Reserve



If you are looking for a lovely weekend trip for you and your family, Rutland Water might be the perfect place for you. Nestled deep in the English countryside, Rutland water and nature reserve is a hugely popular tourist attraction for many families and couples. Here are some of the things you could do while you visit this beautiful place.


There are a few main car parks situated around this park, and when you visit each of these, you can experience new and exciting things for the whole family. Here are the main areas plus the things you can do in each.

At this side of the park you will find the perfect setup for anyone who loves to cycle. There is a cycle shop situated in the area with an option to hire, so you can enjoy a ride in the country with your family. The trail is up to 25 miles long so have fun exploring the area and viewing some stunning scenes over the water.


If cycling is t your thing you can also go rock climbing outdoors with the rockblok adventure centre. Failing that you can also enjoy the water sports centre which is in the same area of the reserve. This side is truly the active side of the park and perfect for the adventurers amongst you.



If you want to park up on the normanton side of the park, you will be able to enjoy a more relaxing visit to the area with the stunning views. Walking trails and even a church. Normanton Church is just a short walk away rim the car park and is the landmark of the reserve. The church was saved from the water back in the day and is now open to the public to see. It is a venue which is highly sought after for wedding due to the stunning views over the lake from behind the church. You can also enjoy fishing in the area with a staggering 3100 acres of water available for fishing parties. And at the end of it all you can enjoy a lovely meal at the Italian restaurant which resides by the water.



If you are a wildlife lover, then parking up at this side of the reserve is the best idea for you. With winding trails for walking, vast forests and the waterside, you will be able to see a huge amount of different species in this park. The main features of this side of the reserve are the birdwatching centre and the Lyndon nature reserve. First of all, the birdwatching centre allows you to walk around and visit hides within the reserve, where you can watch a huge range of birds from ducks to robins to hawks. Lyndon nature reserve is the place you will be able to find out about the osprey project which runs throughout Rutland. The project is focusses on the protection of these birds and has seen 102 ospreys fledge from the area since it began. In the spring and summer the breeding pairs return to the area so you may catch a glimpse of these stunning birds of prey.


Once you’ve enjoyed all of the wildlife the area has to offer you will be able to go for a 7 mile walk through the peninsular and enjoy views from all different angles in the park. And if you want to finish off your trip with a restaurant in Rutland, the Hambleton restaurant is Michelin starred and is one which many travel to visit.

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