Fizzbox – Review

Fizzbox is a new online marketplace for organising group events such as hen parties, stag parties, birthday celebrations and team building.

Simon and I have both organised stag and hen parties, and I recently was tasked with organising a corporate team building event last minute. Therefore, we both know the importance of a site that is easy to use, has great options, and makes the booking process as pain free as possible.

So, when we heard of Fizzbox, we gave it a try.

The home page gives you 2 options; start searching by location or choose the category of activity that appeals to you.

The location list is obviously built on where their current suppliers will offer their services – as a fairly new site it is probably not therefore surprising that the list at the moment is fairly short and scattered (Amsterdam, to Bath, to Benidorm to Bournemouth). Unfortunately, there are no locations in East Anglia, so for my corporate team building event this is where my Fizzbox journey would end.

I am also looking to book a group trip with some of our friends. We aren’t fussy about location at this stage, so I searched by activity type to help give me some inspiration for a good location with something different to do.

This is where Fizzbox shines – the list of activities is really interesting and varied – particular highlights for me including escape rooms, horse riding, quidditch, lip sync battles, and axe throwing. I haven’t seen another site that has such a wide range of unique experiences as Fizzbox.

Once you have chosen an activity you can then again filter by location, and also by price and popularity. The site as a whole is very user friendly and easy to find the various offerings.

I chose to look at chocolate making in Budapest for only £29 a person for a 1 hour experience, including private return transfers. The enquiry form was fast to fill out, and the first time you enquire you also set up your Fizzbox account – it took less than 30 seconds to do!

After the enquiry, the site then showed me other activities in Budapest, including a male strip show – I wonder if I could get Simon to agree to that!

Overall, I think Fizzbox has a lot to offer, especially when you want something a bit different. The only “con” for me is the limited locations at the moment – but I hope as they become more popular they are able to expand their reach.

Have you used Fizzbox? What did you think of it?

*I was paid for this review but all opinions and thoughts are my own.





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