Coffee around the world

Over here at Whisky & Milkshakes both of us absolutely love coffee.

Purchasing a Tassimo machine last year has been a game changer – now we can have tasty coffee every day, and our Costa bill has dramatically reduced (thankfully as we try to save for a wedding!).

When we travel we love stopping at cafes for coffees, and some of my favourite memories of holidays are from those peaceful moments. For example, in Sweden we became mildly obsessed with their chain coffee store “Espresso House” – having multiple coffee stops every day. In Australia I loved nothing more than an iced coffee overlooking a beautiful beach. In Lisbon we enjoyed an espresso (and a cheeky local brandy) overlooking the beautiful city in the sunshine.

I love this image below of the World Map of Coffee from Coffee in my Veins, showing how coffee is enjoyed all over the world.

How do you like your coffee?

I prefer mine in a new location with great company and an inspiring view 😉


*collaborative post

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