A Different Christmas – 4 Destinations

The back to school feeling is still in the air, but already the shops are getting ready for Christmas. You can already find decorated wrapping papers, themed biscuits and cakes, and seasonal jumpers. Santa is still around 90 days away, but everyone has already started to plan for it. If you haven’t considered spending your Christmas abroad, it might be a fantastic way to give yourself some breathing space and to reclaim the magic of Christmas. After all, the festive season can feel a lot less joyful when you’ve fought your way past Christmas decoration since mid-September. Where in the world should you celebrate Santa and his glorious deer Rudolph? To answer this more in depth, you need to figure out whether you’re a winter or a summer type.

Stay at a villa in Bali


Premium holiday to feel like a prince(ss)

If you’re starting to feel the first signs of a SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – which tends to affect a major part of the population in the northern hemisphere when the days get shorter, you can save yourself from the winter low by planning your Christmas vacation in the sun! Indonesia has its peak season during Christmas and January, where the weather is warm – but you can experience some short and heavy burst of rain from time to time as it’s also the monsoon season. If you fancy something out of the ordinary, such as celebrating Christmas in a pool, take a look at some of the luxury villas in Seminyak, Bali. Don’t let the term luxury scare you; the prices start at £46 per night.


Christmas in a caravan

If you want to revive your wilder side and respond to the call of nature, Christmas time is the best period to go camping in Australia! You’ll find plenty of popular sites around Melbourne, where the December weather is around 20 °C and more. Christmas is the beginning of summer in Australia, the perfect time for you to enjoy plenty of sunlight.


Christmas in the snow and on the slopes

Admittedly, most people dream of a white Christmas. Depending on where you live, your Christmas day might only bring rain and grey sky. You need to travel to the Alps to have a proper white Christmas, and if you’re adventurous enough, you can even ski down the slopes! You’ll find many ski resorts in France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. Ultimately, the celebrations remain very similar from a country to another, so it’s a matter of whether you want to drink Mühlwein or hot chocolate on the day!


A fairytale destination for Christmas

Saint-Petersburg is one of the most beautiful towns in Russia, and its fantastic and vibrant architecture comes to shine during winter. As Russians follow the Julian Calendar, Christmas is celebrated at the beginning of January, meaning that you can have two celebrations! It’s worth going only to see the Catherine Palace for an Insta-shot of this extravagant palace. If you want to greet the locals, you can learn how to say Merry Christmas in Russian. You might want to practice; it’s a mouthful!

St Petersburg Trip Travel Petersburg Architecture



Whether you are looking for a white Christmas or a sunny extravaganza, there is a Christmas holiday destination for everyone. Plan ahead and great Santa in your dream location this year.


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