6 Reasons You Absolutely HAVE To Visit Scotland On Your Next Holiday

Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

Scotland is the United Kingdoms’ northernmost country and is a stunning country filled with mountain wildernesses and breathtaking valleys and lakes. As a popular destination for nature lovers, Scotland is definitely not a place you want to miss out on if your holidays usually involve lots of action and adventure.

To help convince you, here are 6 reasons you absolutely HAVE to visit Scotland on your next holiday:

  • It’s Absolutely Breathtaking


No matter where you go in Scotland the views are absolutely incredible. From the stunning buildings in Edinburgh to the rolling hills in the highlands, you won’t be short of beautiful things to look at during any visit to Scotland. For a guide to some of the most impressive views in Scotland, you can visit this handy guide here. Warning though, it may cause serious wanderlust.

  • There Is A Rich History


When it comes to travelling to new places, those places that have a deep and rich history always top of everyone’s list. Luckily, the whole of Scotland has a fascinating history that you can learn all about with every twist and turn.

From its strong shipbuilding heritage to its famous distilleries, there are lots of fun facts to learn on a trip to Scotland. To find out more about Scotlands rich history, you can visit this handy Scottish travel blog.

  • Even The Journey’s Are Scenic


When people visit Scotland they tend not to stay in one place for too long as there are so many incredible places to visit. As you travel from destination to destination you won’t be short of incredible views as no matter where you look, it’s absolutely beautiful. Now not many countries can say that, can they?  

  • There are LOTS Of Castles


If you love castles then Scotland is defintiely the place to be, particularly the Northeastern parts of the country. Whether you’re visiting the ruined fortress of Dunnottar or learning about how Slains-Castle inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula – you’ll never be short of fascinating castles to explore when you visit Scotland.

  • You Can Visit Filming Locations


Scotland is so beautiful that it has been used for filming locations for many of the nations favourite TV shows and films. If you’re a fan of Outlander, Harry Potter, James Bond, The Da Vinci Code, Braveheart and Macbeth – you may want to check out this handy guide.

  • The Food Is Incredible


If one of your favourite things to do when visiting a new country is trying all of the local food and drink, you definitely won’t be short of things to eat In Scotland. From haggis and neeps to delicious Scottish whiskeys, you’ll be wanted to take as much of it home with you as you as you can.

For more information on local Scottish delicacies, you can visit this handy (yet delicious) guide on Culture Trip.

Have you ever visited Scotland before? Why do you think someone should visit? Let me know in the comments section below.

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