4 Ways To Avoid Tourists In London

London is a great city with so much to see and do but it can get a little tiring trying to dodge around hordes of people taking selfies in front of Big Ben or waiting in line for hours to get into any of the big attractions. The sheer number of tourists that descend on the city every day is often enough to put people off going there at all, but that’s a shame because you’re missing out on so much great stuff. Luckily for you, it is still possible to visit London without getting swept up in the huge crowds of tourists. Here are a few tips for a far more peaceful London trip.

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Get Out Of The Centre


If you’ve been to London before you’ve probably seen the Tower of London, the eye and all of that other touristy stuff so there’s no reason to do it all again. It’s not going to be any different to the last time so you’ll be battling through a load of tourists for no reason. On this trip, you should take the opportunity to get out of the centre a bit and see some of the more authentic areas of London. Places that are frequented by the locals like Hyde Park will still have tourists but nowhere near as many as you’ll find right in the centre of the city. You’ve got to be careful though because even some of the smaller more fashionable places like Camden and Shoreditch have since turned into tourist traps. Visit www.londontown.com for a list of all of the other districts of London that you could visit.


Book Ahead


While you’re in London you might want to see a show which is inevitably going to mean waiting in lines, unless you book ahead of course. Instead of waiting until you’re there and finding a show to see, check out www.vlondoncity.co.uk to see what events are on and book tickets in good time. You can also book express tickets that let you skip the queue, they’ll cost a little bit more but it’s worth it if you don’t want to deal with the crowds.


Learn To Love Rain


Walking around in the rain probably isn’t your idea of a great trip and most people would agree with you, which is why there won’t be anywhere near as many people around if the weather is bad. If you can learn to deal with the rain, grab an umbrella and head out to all of the tourist spots, you’ll find that they’re far less crowded. If it gets a bit much, you can take a break by visiting some of the indoor attractions like the British Museum or the Tate Gallery.


Go Out At Night


Most people tend to see the sights during the day when it’s light and then hit some bars and restaurants at night but you can avoid most of the tourists if you do it the other way around. Restaurants are always going to be pretty busy but it’ll be easier to get a table in the afternoon between lunch and dinner and then you can go and see the sights in the evening when everybody else has cleared out.


Don’t let the crowds put you off going to London, you just need to get a little creative and you can avoid them all.

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