3 Tricks For Keeping Your Energy Levels High While Travelling

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Travel can be one of the most enjoyable and brilliant experiences to be had. Something about venturing to new places and discovering what mysteries they hold seems to be hardwired into the human soul. There’s a reason, after all, why “wanderlust” is such a popular concept — and has been over the years.


Of course, travel is a much more fun and enriching experience if you actually have the energy levels to make the most of each day, and still feel good by dinner time.


So here’s the deal; read this article for some tips on keeping your energy levels high while travelling, apply some of the recommendations, and only then visit https://www.loveitbookit.com/ to plan your next adventure.


Begin tapering off the stimulants in the weeks leading up to your trip


It’s a weird fact of contemporary life that pretty much everyone is wired on caffeine, more or less constantly — if not also on things such as nicotine, or Adderall.


Sometimes, people will be hooked on stimulants for legitimate medical reasons, but in most cases, people abuse these substances as a way of staying constantly “on-the-go” and meeting those work deadlines while compromising dramatically on sleep in the process.


The thing is, your coffee may amp you up when you take the occasional dose of it, but over time, you’ll develop a resistance and need it just to wake up. When this happens, you can be quite sure that you’ve exhausted various organs and desensitised various hormone receptor sites in your body, which in turn will lead to an increase in overall fatigue.


It’s why people who are dependent on their daily coffee regularly report poor quality sleep, and experience their energy rising and crashing throughout the day.


To ensure that you have good, consistent energy on your travels, begin tapering off the stimulants in the weeks leading up to your trip — and yes, it will take weeks to get off caffeine and restore your natural energy levels.


Allow enough time for sleep each day


When travelling, it can be very tempting to book up every spare hour from the crack of dawn, to midnight, with activities and sightseeing.


It’s not hard to understand why people would be so eager to enjoy their vacation to the utmost. But if you’re not leaving enough room for a full night’s sleep, every night, it’s simply a logical consequence that you will be far more tired, moody, and less energised during the days spent out and about.


It’s better to miss an hour or two in the morning and evening, in order to enjoy a good night’s sleep every night, and get more out of the day as a consequence.


Begin each day with a large, filling breakfast


In recent times, the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has somewhat fallen out of favour.


Nonetheless — for most people, and especially for those with blood sugar regulation issues — having a large, filling breakfast shortly after waking up can have a tremendously positive effect in preventing a mid-morning blood sugar crash, and in regulating energy levels throughout the rest of the day.


So if you’ve been prone to skip breakfast, try starting the day with a large breakfast, instead, and judge the effect on your energy levels.

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