Review: Trendhim Classic Pocket Watch

I absolutely love watches. I would have a different watch for every day of the week if I could. As Charlotte and I are getting married next year, I thought what a perfect excuse to treat myself to a new watch!

I decided to go for something slightly different and went for the Classic Pocket Watch from Trendhim.

It’s a very classic looking piece. Flick open the protective cover and you can see all the inner workings of the watch whirring away! It’s fascinating to watch, if not slightly distracting from actually telling the time!!

Flip the watch over and there is an exquisite ornate design that really makes this watch feel special!

No batteries are required for this watch. True to form, it’s a simple wind up function that lasts 10-30 hours.

The best part about this stunning watch? The price! You could be forgiven for thinking you would have to part with a fair wad of cash for it but you would be wrong! At £46.95, this pocket watch is a bargain!

I cannot wait to see how it looks with the wedding suit!

Check out Trendhim for more fantastic men’s accessories.

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