Review: The Diet Plate

Like most women, I am always looking to lose weight. One of the obstacles I face is portion control – both remembering what is reasonable and having the self control to stick to it!

That is why I took up the chance to review The Diet Plate.

What is it?

Simply put – a plate and bowl that make it clear what your portion of various foods should be. The bowl I think is particularly clever – the lines indicate how much cereal/soup you should fill it with – the lower lines for the more unhealthy foods, getting wider as the foods get more nutritious. This is a really easy way to keep track of portions without the hassle of weighing everything all the time.

Similarly the plate makes portion control easy – although it makes me sad thinking what a portion of cheese should look like… cheese is one of my favourite foods!

These also come with a short information booklet explaining how best to use the bowl/plate.

What is the quality like?

Both items are higher quality than I expected – they are made from UK earthenware and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Does it work?

I hope so! I will be using these as much as possible over the next few months and will report back on social media how it’s going. According to the information booklet 17% of their trial group lost “clinically significant” weight.

What portion control tips work for you?


*I was sent this product free for this post – all opinions are my own.

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